Allye/Logs/20240202 An Informal Follow-Up Discussion of Zoluren Defense

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Event Name: An Informal Follow-Up Discussion of Zoluren Defense
Event Instance: Prime
Real Date: 2024-02-02
Game Date of Event: 448-02-10
Point of View: Allye
[General][Dasheek] "A few of us are discussing Zoluren defense at the bar at Taelbert's Inn, should anyone be interested in some conversation over a few drinks. Will be here for a bit."

You go west.

[Taelbert's Inn, Bar]
Bursts of laughter and excited shouts ring out from a game of dice being played at a corner table. Other tables and chairs are scattered haphazardly through the room, but most of the regulars perch on high stools near the bar. Apparently, the view of the buxom barmaid is more enticing from that angle.
You also see a barmaid and the menu.
Also here: Sothios who is engulfed by a tsunami of cerulean light, Soul Surgeon Zynell who is sitting, Community Voice Jaelia, Tempest Knight Saragos who has a fiery visage, Strawberry Nurse Illiya, Danger Wizard Dasheek who has a stony visage and Comrade in Arms Navesi.
Obvious exits: east.

Jaelia hugs you, and you give her a smile in return.

Illiya beams at you! What a warm feeling!

You smile.

Navesi smiles at you.

Zynell smiles at you.

You hug Jaelia who gives you a smile in return. A faint scent of starflowers clings to her skin.

You hug Illiya who gives you a smile in return. A faint scent of strawberries clings to her skin.

You say, "Hello, everyone."

Illiya hugs you, and you give her a smile in return.

Dasheek says, "Being a member of the White Gladiolus is a big help, I would think."

You hug Navesi. A faint scent of copper clings to her skin.

Saragos says, "You could even lay the groundwork at one of the meetings by letting people know, "Persons X, Y, and Z have agreed to run battle groups. When things are happening, look for one of them to organize around."

Dasheek nods to you.

Jaelia says, "It really is."

Jaelia nods to Saragos.

Dasheek says, "Speaking of.. Welcome, Allye."

Zynell bows her head and mutters a short prayer in a hushed voice. Raising her head, she glances to the shadows with a knowing smile.

Saragos tips his hat to you with a courteous nod.

You flash a quick grin at Dasheek.

You nod amiably at Saragos.

Illiya says, "Plus we have the VIP room with the good cigars."

Dasheek says, "We were just knocking around ideas and barriers to organization in Zoluren."

You say, "So true."

Jaelia says, "I know the purpose of the Gladiolus is to run social things, but it does make an easy place to also allow members to pivot to discussions on defense and other Zoluren related things."

Navesi asks Illiya, "You are an Empath, yes?"

Illiya nods to Navesi.

Jaelia says, "At this point, there are no barriers anymore, people just need to step up, the Community is waiting."

Jaelia says, "Its formed enough to join you if someone only speaks up and takes the lead a bit."

Navesi says to Illiya, "Perhaps you, Allye, and the Clerics here could form a little plan for a triage group too? If that is your thing anyway."

Dasheek says to Jaelia, "I think it may be a little more complicated than that, but now is a better time than any."

Illiya says, "Sure, we could make a triage plan."

Dasheek asks, "Would the royalty object?"

Jessalyne chuckles.

Navesi says, "Frankly, at this point, if they react in any way, I'd be pleased just to see them."

Illiya grins at Navesi, her dimples flashing into view.

You chortle softly at some secret joke.

Navesi gazes down at the floor.

Jaelia says to Dasheek, "It really isn't. I've been running data points and trends and extrapolation for ... what I guess is 6 years since my return at the not this but Prior Hallow Eve Fest? There are a few tiny details, but mostly, it is people stepping up and keeping it simple and not overly complicated."

Saragos says to Dasheek, "Just do what you need to do. Nobody's going to get angry if it works."

Sothios says, "Royalty isnt doing anything about it."

Saragos nods to Jaelia.

Navesi quietly says, "I'm afraid it isn't funny. Our prince is no longer paying attention to us, and that is a sad thing."

Sothios says, "Its time the people stand for themselves."

Sothios nods.

Zynell says, "As long as the group does not take old names or act in an official capacity, the royalty will likely stay out of the way."

Navesi nods to Zynell.

You give Navesi a slight nod.

Saragos nods to Zynell.

Dasheek ponders.

Dasheek asks, "The taking of old names might encourage objection?"

Zynell says, "Not might."

Zynell says, "Will."

You nod to Dasheek.

Dasheek says, "Ah."

Dasheek says, "I've been reading up on the Zoluren Militia, and it was a powerful and honorable group."

Navesi takes off a cracked sandstone orb embedded with amethysts.

Saragos says, "For what it's worth, I did something like what I suggested for the Basalt Isle Raid. I put together some groups of people that already liked working together who I knew were solid and encouraged folks to join them."

Zynell says, "It was officially retired."

Jaelia says, "Navesi, I remember and I think you do too, when his Father died. The problem was, I was also with ... I guess it was the Lady in Waiting, at that time, with a front mirror seat, and I was not kind. I know you know him better. But I remember how different things were. The prince will show again, or other nobles will. As long as we show them the community doesn't seek to overthrow them or challenge them, but only to be supportive and protect the city, they will show in time. But we must do it ourselves. This is an opportunity to do it right, without the political barriers and overly involved stuffy nobility may want to put in place. Not that he is like that, but this is the best time, and they will come out of hiding if we do this."

Zynell says, "Attempts at reviving or name taking will provoke retaliation."

Zynell nods to Dasheek.

Dasheek says, "Alright."

Jaelia says to Navesi, "Of course you remember you had it all the Papers, sorry didn't mean to sound with that tone."

Navesi gazes thoughtfully at Jaelia.

Jaelia says to Navesi, "I think this community has been so - chaotic and not its own distinct culture for awhile, that they just fell out of sight because there was no reason to step forward."

Navesi says, "I did not write about Prince Vorclaf's death. I was a child then, I'm afraid. But I hear what you are saying."

Navesi nods to Jaelia.

Jessalyne rubs her nose.

Sothios smirks.

Jaelia exclaims to Navesi, "I'm sorry, I remember when you founded the Paper. I thought you had - but maybe that was someone else - but you would have and you are just so young looking but so wise, I asssume you know everything!"

You ask, "Would it be feasible then to start a new militia-style group for the province?"

Jessalyne tiredly says, "Jaelia's correct about not overcomplicatin' things. Don't gatekeep yourselves, people will try to do it enough to you already."

Zynell nods to you.

You say, "There seemed to be some interest at the recent meeting."

Dasheek nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Raven Queen Chelinde just arrived, leading her group.

Jaelia beams at Chelinde!

Raikage nods politely.

Illiya just hugged Chelinde.

Navesi says, "Anyway, you are correct that we have an opportunity here. I would put out of our minds 'doing it right' though, because that is impossible. Simply doing it will have to be enough."

Dasheek says, "I was very concerned to learn that it didnt' exist."

Sothios shakes Raikage's hand.

Raikage pats Sothios on the back.

Navesi nods politely to Chelinde.

Sothios just hugged Chelinde.

Chelinde smiles, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Dasheek nods to Navesi.

Jaelia says, "Action today is better than the Perfection Moment that will never arrive."

Slarc asks, "Are we here to discuss the Nothern Dragons guiding forces into our city?"

Jaelia says to Dasheek, "There are laws against a Formal militia - it's a huge thing, the orders cannot join official militias even, we would have to leave our Orders to do so."

Sothios says, "Killed myself blowin 2 plademaster boxes in a row."

Sothios grins at Raikage.

Raikage says, "This is a good gathering to discuss such a topic as the defense of zoluren."

Saragos says, "Jaelia said people need to step up. I think that's true, but I want to be clear - it can't be me, at least right now. I can support, I can try to show up at times you ask me to, and I can lead a group if I'm available - I know a thing or two about it by now - but that's the limit."

Jaelia nods to Raikage.

Raikage flashes a wide grin.

Dasheek says to Slarc, "Not exactly. But not NOT exactly, either."

Navesi leans on Saragos.

Jaelia asks, "We can do it as a group?"

Saragos says, "I'm very busy right now, and my organizing time is mostly focused on the Plane of Electricity."

You nod to Saragos.

Sothios says, "Blademaster too..."

Navesi nods to Saragos.

Navesi says, "I too would like to support."

Slarc says, "Yes. A defense meeting would be a perfect time to discuss banning outside forces from interfering and aiding the enemy."

Raikage flashes a wide grin at Slarc.

Zynell grins at Slarc.

Jaelia says, "And maybe a few groups, so unlike the Watch, we have a few forces who have differing tactics and don't allow people like Krenze to adapt to just one tactic, for example."

Slarc says, "Like when the Northern Dragons opened a portal into Zoluren."

Sothios grins at Slarc.

Slarc says, "For Krenze."

Slarc says, "Our enemy."

Navesi says, "I'd like to think we've grown as a community some, though. Perhaps we can share in leadership duties over time. No need for any one person to do everything."

Jaelia nods to Navesi.

Navesi gives Slarc a slight nod.

Saragos asks, "Random question - I know we've got Empaths. Are there even any notable Zoluren Paladins at the moment?"

Dasheek says, "I'm not familiar with that, as I was away. However, "banning" defensive aide is not something we want to be doing."

Illiya takes a deep breath, looking serene and determined.

Navesi says to Slarc, "We are discussing the various threats to Zoluren and how we, not the North, will respond."

Slarc says, "Aid."

Slarc says, "For our enemy."

Slarc says, "Is a good thing to ban."

Jessalyne quietly says, "Seydin."

You say to Saragos, "Betlind, perhaps."

Dasheek laughs!

Navesi says, "Though I think it best to consider Therengia our ally."

Navesi nods at you, obviously agreeing with your views.

Dasheek says, "Aid to the enemy is a different story. Your terms are unfamiliar to me."

Chelinde wrinkles her nose.

Ruella just arrived.

Sothios asks, "Noone worth a crap really, I think Bet?"

Slarc says, "I would not call people aiding Krenze our allies."

Zynell nods to Sothios.

Illiya says, "I'll not defend Kaldean, as his actions were wrong and he has apologiezed and repented for them, but he is not nor has he ever been a member of the North."

Navesi says, "I am afraid I need to be attending to my family now. I'm glad to see discussion continue, though."

Slarc says, "His apology is meaningless."

Dasheek nods to Illiya.

Jaelia just hugged Navesi.

Slarc says, "Citizens died."

Jaelia just hugged Saragos.

Jaelia nods to Slarc.

Dasheek shakes Navesi's hand.

Navesi says, "Take care, everyone."

Navesi shakes Dasheek's hand.

You nod politely to Navesi.

Saragos says, "I don't know where this is coming from that he's from Theren. He's not affiliated with them."

Dasheek says to Navesi, "Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your wisdom on this matter."

Navesi smiles at Dasheek.

Navesi says, "Any time."

Comrade in Arms Navesi goes east.

Slarc says, "He is a northern dragon."

Illiya nods at Saragos, obviously agreeing with his views.

Raikage grins at Chelinde.

Illiya nods at Saragos, obviously agreeing with his views.

Dasheek says to Slarc, "I'm afraid no one knows what you mean by that."

Jaelia says, "I think Kaldean's actions, while very unfortunate, where an action that was going to happen no matter what. There is a lot of underbrewing political tension, and we do have to deal with that too. Just know its a thing, and we want to avoid it whenever possible as much as possible."

Illiya nods at Saragos, obviously agreeing with his views.

Slarc asks, "Oh, grey watch?"

Slarc says, "Whatever they are."

Slarc says, "Tomato, pastry."

Sothios asks, "Grey Dragons?"

Dasheek says, "I think it was an individual acting alone."

Dasheek says, "And I think it was a product of poor organization."

You nod in agreement.

Dasheek says, "Which is what we're here to discuss."

Chelinde says, "I mean I can think of many places not in the middle of a town that a gate could have been opened."

Chelinde says, "Or I don't know maybe in their own towns."

Dasheek says, "Hindsight.."

Slarc says, "It was two people specifically."

Slarc says, "Mazrian and Kaldean."

Jaelia says, "And to some degree - Moon Mages from Crossings should have known you don't just randomly gate to Krenze, he has shown us from the beginning that he uses moon gates to attack, and - the fact that one of our own guilded citizens let that happen is maybe a fault in our communication too."

Slarc says, "A combvined force."

Jaelia nods to Slarc.

Saragos says, "Last I knew the Grey Dragons were not specifically based in Therengia, and they're certainly not the Northern Watch."

Slarc says, "A grey watch, if you will."

Illiya says, "The Grey Dragons are not tied to any particular province."

Dasheek asks, "Is this Kaldean fellow a Grey Dragon?"

Chelinde says, "Just allies to them since they fight together all the time."

Chelinde smiles at Saragos, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Illiya says, "No, he's not either."

Dasheek says, "I know Mazrian is not."

Jaelia says, "Kaldean is a Zoluren citizen."

Slarc says, "I see them holding hands quite often."

Jaelia says, "That is all."

Ruella glides east.

You say, "As mentioned before, perfection is not the aim at this point. I'm afraid repeatedly focusing on one mistake won't help us. Moving in a better direction for the province to have a solid defense is where we must start."

Dasheek nods to you.

Dasheek nods in agreement.

Jaelia asks, "Mazrian I believe, Slarc is trying to say via jumbled words - Said something about opening a gweth to the Town Green in Crossings?"

Sky Knight Kaldean just arrived.

Illiya beams at Kaldean!

Saragos says, "Mazrian's stood in defense of Zoluren far more times than I have, and I'm willing to stake everything I've got to vouch for him. If he brought harm to Zoluren in any way, it was definitely a mistake."

Kaldean nods to Illiya.

Slarc says to Kaldean, "Hello, traitor."

Kaldean says to Illiya, "Thank you for the invitation."

Raikage says, "I think we're getting off topic right now, the mistake made by this Kaldean was a major transgression to the citizens here, we should move on though to talking about the plans for defending Zoluren."

Jaelia nods to Raikage.

Jaelia nods.

Dasheek says to Slarc, "You bring up a good point, but living in the past is not productive."

Kaldean says to Raikage, "Agreed to both parts of your sentence."

Slarc asks, "What past?"

Raikage nods politely to Kaldean.

Slarc says, "I am speaking on current topics."

Illiya says, "I thought since you all thought fit to continue dredging up Kaldean's actions he might as well come speak for himself."

Jessalyne chuckles.

Nodding graciously, Kaldean bends in a slight bow.

Jaelia asks, "Oh, Slarc, are you aware that Kaldean is currently bening sentanced by Raikage and do you know of these terms?"

Dasheek says to Slarc, "Organization would go a long way to squashing these mistakes."

Sothios says, "The northern watch has put a sour taste in many peoples mouths."

Jaelia gives Slarc a gentle poke in the ribs.

Sothios nods to Saragos.

You nod amiably at Kaldean.

Saragos gets a tiny tower-shaped glass of Crystal Tequila garnished with a twist of lime from inside his leather rucksack.

Saragos slowly empties his lungs.

Saragos takes a sip of his Tequila.

Zynell nods at Sothios, obviously agreeing with his views.

Dasheek says, "And let's also address another elephant in the room."

Dasheek gazes at Jessalyne.

Slarc asks, "Will he be stripped of his citizenship?"

Slarc says, "It seems fitting."

Dasheek says to Jessalyne, "Being that this is an informal gathering, your presence has been tolerated."

You say, "I need a drink, I think."

Slarc says to Jessalyne, "Ah, and a necromancer."

Jaelia asks Slarc, "So we understand your point, and perhaps can table it temporarily, it is being dealt with, but I also need you to know how you feel about a defensive force, and being also a counter force to that to keep things different and not in one force so that our enemies can pin us down, or smething like that?"

Slarc says, "Lovely."

Illiya grins at you, her dimples flashing into view.

Jessalyne says to Dasheek, "Good to see you too, lad."

Slarc says, "A traitor and a necromancer."

The waiter slides a tall glass of silvery white wine across the bar. You pay him 50 copper kronars for it.

You get a tall glass of silvery white wine from atop the bar.

Saragos takes a sip of his Tequila.

Dasheek says to Jessalyne, "Anything more formal, and due to the laws of this land, we will not tolerate it."

Dasheek gazes at Jessalyne.

Jaelia asks Raikage, "You gave Slarc the good booze didn't you?"

You take a sip of the wine, savoring its mellow and fragrant bouquet.

Jaelia rolls her eyes.

Jessalyne asks Dasheek, "Was that all, then?"

Dasheek says, "I'm older than anyone in this room. I'm no "lad"."

Jaelia takes a sip of her coffee.

Slarc says, "I bring the good booze wherever I go."

Raikage says, "I think Kaldean will be much more useful in assisting in helping move troops if needed when called. If he wishes to tithe and contribute to the orphans, then all the more better."

Dasheek says to Jessalyne, "It was as friendly a warning as you'll get."

Jaelia says, "I agree."

Jessalyne says to Dasheek, "Perhaps we'n move on to being productive, then."

Nodding graciously, Kaldean bends in a slight bow.

You smile at Kaldean.

Chelinde nods at Raikage, obviously agreeing with his views.

Dasheek says to Jessalyne, "That ship seems to have sailed a bit ago."

You ask Kaldean, "Are you interested in joining, if there were one or more new defensive groups in Zoluren?"

Jessalyne says, "Not wrong, I suppose."

Dasheek asks, "Unless all here are willing to drop prior grievances?"

Jaelia says to Kaldean, "I do not know you, but I am Jaelia Evensong. I understand why you did what you did, and understand you are making restitution. But while beating yourself up, I would also much rather have you working to aid the citizens of today and the future too."

Jaelia says to Kaldean, "I mean other than by name."

Kaldean says to Raikage, "I appreciate the sentiment. I will do what I can to continue to make up for the lapse in judgment. That road is just beginning, not yet near the end."

Saragos asks Dasheek, "If I can throw my two Kronars in on that subject?"

Illiya taps an indurium phoenix with eyes of canary diamond that she is holding.

Raikage nods to Kaldean.

Dasheek nods to Saragos.

Slarc appears to be whispering to those in his company.

Dasheek says to Saragos, "Please do."

Chelinde gazes at Kaldean.

Chelinde appears to be whispering to those in her company.

You take a sip of the wine, savoring its mellow and fragrant bouquet.

Raikage whispers something to Slarc.

Raikage nods to Slarc.

Slarc gives a slight nod.

Slarc grows still, fixing Kaldean with a cold, calculating look and lowering his tail slightly.

Kaldean says to you, "I appreciate too your invitation. I think it is yet premature. I have work yet to do."

Mage Slayer Golameth just arrived, leading his group.

Dasheek nods to Golameth.

Dasheek nods to Kalinandra.

Kalinandra grins, revealing her dimples.

Kaldean says to you, "But, as stated, I greatly appreciate the heart behind the ask."

Nodding graciously, Kaldean bends in a slight bow.

Saragos says, "Look, Zoluren's chaotic. You're wanting to bring a modicum of order to that chaos, but work with it. So focus on that. Act as if any time you're speaking in public that one of the Perverse Necromancers is hearing you, because you never know if they are. But trying to tell people they can't stand and fight is just going to result in chasing after that all the time instead of organizing a defense."

You give Kaldean a slight nod.

Golameth gazes intently into his sanowret crystal, and scintillating sparks of light dance across its surface.

Kalinandra grins at Golameth, her dimples flashing into view.

Dasheek nods to Saragos.

You nod to Saragos.

Saragos says, "I hope I've got enough of a reputation of fighting against the Demonic and their pawns to not have anyone take me as supporting them when I say that."

Jaelia nods to Saragos.

Raikage says to Saragos, "Noted, and it has been dealt with."

Raikage nods politely to Saragos.

Chelinde nods in agreement.

Zynell says, "Many a time the necromancers have been productive and assistive in the aid of zoluren defenses."

Illiya hugs Kalinandra, getting a smile in return.

You smile at Raikage.

Kalinandra hugs Illiya, getting a smile in return.

Jessalyne quietly says, "And the plane as a whole."

Dasheek nods in agreement.

Zynell nods.

Dasheek says, "And that aid is not being shunned. Just a precendence being set. The law is the law, after all."

Jaelia asks Raikage, "Would you or some of your family members be willing to consider joining the White Gladiolas Social Group as its become a launching place to pivot to the Discussion of the Defense of Zoluren, at least until that can separate into its own thing, or if it stays connected and people defend and are social as they choose that is great?"

Sothios says, "Arent many active left , most have been run off."

Golameth shakes his head at Kalinandra.

Zynell says to Sothios, "Most of the interesting ones have been."

Zynell nods to Sothios.

Sothios nods.

Raikage says to Jaelia, "That is a very generous request, I will take it to them of course."

Kalinandra grins at Golameth, her dimples flashing into view.

You smile at Kaldean.

Jaelia says to Raikage, "Not to discuss what you want to do on your own, just to join the conversation, and so you have a voice. Thank you for the consideration."

Raikage nods to Jaelia.

Dasheek asks, "So, I think we all agree more organization is necessary? Any dissent?"

Illiya closes her eyes and settles into a graceful stance.

Saragos nods to Dasheek.

Sothios says, "Organized is good."

Jaelia says, "To clarify, it must always be referred to as an Unofficial organization, I cannot stress how important this is to every Zoluren Order."

Jaelia says, "No Black Fox can join unless that is very clear."

Slarc says, "I have plenty of dissent in me, yes."

Dasheek says to Slarc, "Speak it."

Jaelia says to Slarc, "There is probably an outhouse around you can relieve that later."

Golameth gazes intently into his sanowret crystal, and scintillating sparks of light dance across its surface.

Illiya grins at Jaelia, her dimples flashing into view.

Saragos says, "I'd suggest some training, too. Get some people ready to lead groups, and get some practice under their belts."

Slarc says to Jaelia, "I would hate to sully your home, but if you insist."

Reriyn just arrived.

Raikage says to Jaelia, "The Ravens will always take the defense of Zoluren in our interest, and helping to organize it would be fine as well."

Saragos says to Jaelia, "Agreed completely. Unofficial is the way to do this. Official carries too much baggage."

You bow your head, acknowledging Kaldean.

Kaldean smiles at you.

Jaelia beams at Saragos!

Jaelia lets out a hearty cheer for Saragos!

Jaelia lets out a hearty cheer for Raikage!

Dasheek nods in agreement.

Jaelia says to Slarc, "You are always a welcome guest."

Saragos takes a sip of his Tequila.

Chelinde nods to Raikage.

Jaelia nods to Slarc.

You ponder the meaning of Saragos's existence.

Sothios says, "Training isnt bad either but...."

Sothios asks, "Whos gonna lead that?"

Zynell says to Sothios, "Anuril was leading the combat training group thing last."

You ask, "Unofficial defensive groups, is that what you both are referring to?"

Jaelia asks, "We should set up a few people, maybe a group of 3-5 or whoever wants to be willing to train and take up group leadership just to make sure people know the basics, and are the default leads of groups, or default communication points, as many needed?"

Dasheek says, "I'd be willing to lead some group-leading training. I have some experience fighting in a group."

Dasheek winks at Illiya.

Dasheek nods to Jaelia.

You nod to Jaelia.

You nod to Dasheek.

Dasheek asks, "Who here wishes to lead groups in defense of Zoluren, and is also unfamiliar with leading groups in combat?"

Shadow Hunter Maltris just arrived.

Knight Penitent Briaen just arrived.

Golameth shakes his head as if clearing it.

Jaelia beams at Maltris!

Jaelia beams at Briaen!

Golameth asks Dasheek, "Explosions towards enemy...right?"

Kalinandra hugs Maltris, who wraps his arms around Kalinandra with a warm smile.

Maltris hugs Kalinandra, getting a smile in return.

Briaen nods graciously at Jaelia, giving her a polite smile.

Illiya grins at Golameth, her dimples flashing into view.

Raikage says, "Dasheek is a very capable mage, there is no question about that."

Maltris smiles at Jaelia.

Dasheek asks Golameth, "Of course. When has it ever been otherwise?"

Sothios nods.

Kalinandra shakes her head as if clearing it.

Saragos says to Dasheek, "Respectfully, I've got some experience, but practice working together is never bad. I'd try to get even the experienced folks to do that."

Golameth looks at Dasheek and shrugs.

Saragos nods to Maltris.

Dasheek nods to Saragos.

Saragos says to Maltris, "Good to see you."

Maltris nods to Saragos.

Zynell says, "I prefer triage, mobile or stationary."

Maltris smiles at Saragos.

Zynell shrugs.

Slarc says, "Another necromancer."

Slarc says, "Wonderful."

Sothios says, "I dont mind helpin, however that may be."

Saragos sighs.

Jaelia says to Briaen, "Do not mind Slarc, he is still grumpy."

Chelinde hugs Maltris, who wraps his arms around Chelinde with a warm smile.

Maltris hugs Chelinde, who wraps her arms around Maltris with a warm smile.

Slarc says, "Perhaps the hounds will stop by and rid the land of this concentrated taint."

Briaen says to Jaelia, "I'm not even certain I know what a Slarc is."

Raikage grins at Maltris.

Dasheek says to Slarc, "Let the official folks deal with them.. You're wasting your time and energy."

Raikage says to Maltris, "Glad you could make it."

Jessalyne slowly empties her lungs.

Zynell leans back against Sothios with a loving smile.

Maltris says to Raikage, "Apologies for my tardiness."

Sothios smiles at Zynell.

Jessalyne says, "I think I shall go enjoy what is left of my birthday.."

Dasheek says, "This is just a conversation at a bar.."

You smile at Maltris.

Maltris leans on you.

Jaelia says, "Speaking of which...."

Jaelia gets a shot of Darkstone Whiskey from atop the bar.

Zynell whispers something to Sothios.

Jaelia takes a sip of her Whiskey.

Jaelia gets a shot of Darkstone Whiskey from atop the bar.

Jaelia takes a sip of her Whiskey.

Sothios nods to Zynell.

Jessalyne says to Dasheek, "You don't know me from Lanival. I don't take offense. But I'll show up, eh."

Jaelia gets a glass of sparkling cider from atop the bar.

Jaelia takes a sip of her cider.

Dasheek says to Jessalyne, "Happy birthday. Seek redemption."

Slarc says to Briaen, "A slarc is a thing that will cut your tainted throat in your sleep and send you off to meet your spiraled fate."

Raikage says to Maltris, "A ranger is always on time, once he finds the trail."

Maltris says to Jessalyne, "I know you from Lanival..."

Jessalyne says to Maltris, "We can share a slice of cake later."

Raikage looks at Maltris, obviously trying not to grin.

Maltris says, "I testified against you at your trial."

Briaen laughs at Slarc.

Jessalyne says, "Mmh. I'm sorry, Whiteburn mutilated my soul so badly while she was torturing me I don't remember."

Jaelia gasps at Maltris!

Jessalyne says, "You know, those things the Inquisition does."

You take a sip of the wine.

Jaelia says, "Yes, some of us here know these things, and are not on your path."

Maltris says, "I shall drink to them."

Jaelia says, "I do not hold judgement either way however, I only care about Zoluren protection."

Golameth says to Kalinandra, "This is why the Ilithi is so much nicer."

Kalinandra asks Golameth, "Right?"

Kalinandra leans back against Golameth with a loving smile.

Jaelia says, "Not right now at least."

Kalinandra says to Golameth, "Politics does my head in."

Jessalyne gives a slight nod.

Philosopher Jessalyne saunters east.

Jaelia says, "Agreed - back to defense."

You smile.

Golameth nods to Kalinandra.

Raikage says, "Maltris and I have discussed forming a specialized strike force if that is needed."

Reriyn goes east.

Raikage nods to Maltris.

Saragos asks Raikage, "Specialized in what way?"

You ask, "May I ask why unofficial groups are considered preferable? Would coordination not be simpler with a central organization?"

Raikage says, "We are capable scouts."

Saragos nods to Raikage.

Kaldean nods to Raikage.

Raikage says, "If needed we can also strike before the enemey is aware."

Kaldean says to Raikage, "Few have better eyes nor stalker's talents than you, agreed."

Kalinandra says to you, "Less politics is better politics."

Raikage nods politely to Kaldean.

You say to Kalinandra, "The politics seems unavoidable either way, but I suppose that is true."

Golameth waggles his fingers mystically at Kaldean. How nice.

You give Kalinandra a wry grin.

Kaldean smiles at Golameth.

Dasheek asks Raikage, "Would you and Maltris be willing to put together a group of scouts for potential dangers to Zoluren, then?"

Jaelia says, "It can be one group, it just must be unofficial it is actually against all order Charters in Zoluren to join an Official Militia, you cannot be in a Zoluren based Order and be affiliated with any Official group that has militia or fighting as part of its official purpose."

Kalinandra says, "Least unofficial is just bickering amongst the commoners, no government to appease."

Kalinandra chortles softly at some secret joke.

Raikage says to Dasheek, "Yes, we'll be recruiting as well."

Dasheek nods.

Saragos says to you, "I can give you my answer. All of official orders have a specific mission you can't change. Means you'll have to shoehorn your purpose into that and risk running afoul of their charter. Second, official orders are required to run in a certain way, which probably won't work for this. Third, the tempo of activity they need to keep up is rough on a militia type organization."

Dasheek says, "Very good."

Jaelia says, "And Zoluren Law, for official militias to exist, or at least rules, its a big thing."

Chelinde appears to be whispering to those in her company.

Sothios smiles at Raikage.

Raikage looks at Chelinde, obviously trying not to grin.

Chelinde giggles at Raikage.

Golameth gazes intently into his sanowret crystal, and scintillating sparks of light dance across its surface.

You say, "Ah, an Order."

You babble unintelligibly for a while.

Jaelia nods.

Illiya nods to you.

You say, "I misunderstood the definitions."

Dasheek says, "We also must not take any historical name, apparently."

You grin sheepishly.

Illiya says, "I think you were talking about different things."

You nod in agreement.

You say to Saragos, "I'm completely in agreement there."

Maltris says to Dasheek, "Not just to scout, but to strike as well."

Dasheek nods to Maltris.

Jaelia says, "For example, I cannot be a Black Fox, and - then go decide I want to become a Raven for fun on the side. I'd have to leave that Order."

You tilt your head with a curious expression.

Dasheek says, "I'm very much in favor of scouts being enabled to take advantage of tactical openings as they see them. So long as the information is relayed."

Jaelia says, "Not that I have plans to do that, but its the most clear cut example I have with me as an example."

Kalinandra asks, "Since when are Black Fox and Ravens mutually exclusive?"

Illiya says, "I don't think they are."

Jaelia says, "I couldn't go join the Northern Watch either."

Kalinandra says, "Pretty sure you could."

Dasheek says, "I hate waiting for information from scouts that have been slain because they thought they could get away with a stab-and-grab."

Kalinandra says, "Only one of those three are an Order."

Slarc says, "Yes."

Slarc says, "The Northern Watch's bar is very low."

Zynell says, "You could actually."

Chelinde appears to be whispering to those in her company.

Chelinde folds her arms across her chest.

Sothios says, "Only BF is official."

Raikage says to Dasheek, "I've never missed an order yet."

Raikage winks at Dasheek.

Zynell says, "Orders you can be in one of but you could also be a raven, watch, or other group."

Jaelia says, "Yes, but all two of those three are organizations that officially do fight, and - its a grey area at best, and we prefer to keep it very clear, Zoluren can get very murky in those areas."

Kalinandra says to Zynell, "Supposing you could surive the peopling involved in negotiating that life."

Kalinandra chortles softly at some secret joke.

Golameth gazes intently into his sanowret crystal, and scintillating sparks of light dance across its surface.

Jaelia says, "That is why I make the suggestion just keep it clear."

Zynell says to Kalinandra, "Correct."

Sothios grins at Kalinandra.

Sothios nods.

Dasheek says, "I don't know about all the ins and outs of who can join what, nor do I think it matters. My personal opinion is that whoever wishes to stand for the defense of Zoluren is welcome."

Jaelia nods to Dasheek.

You nod at Dasheek, in complete agreement with his views.

You say, "Hear, hear."

Raikage looks at Jaelia, obviously trying not to grin.

Jaelia says, "Its unofficial its a moot point you are correct, many Foxes will be glad to hear of it."

Saragos says, "My suggestion is not to worry too much about what organizations people are part of. If they're willing to stand and fight for Zoluren, run with that. The more you restrict who can be a part of this, the more you're going to get into politics and people not liking you for one reason or another."

Saragos says, "Focus on the fighting."

Dasheek nods to Saragos.

You nod to Saragos.

Illiya nods to Saragos.

Nodding graciously, Kaldean bends in a slight bow.

Jaelia bows to Kaldean.

Illiya waves to Kaldean.

You say, "I am willing to join as a healer on any of the teams that may need one."

Dasheek nods to Kaldean.

Zynell holds out her hand towards you for a highfive.

You grin at Zynell.

Sothios says, "I dont mind helpin, however that may be."

You raise your hand and highfive Zynell!

Sothios nods.

Illiya says, "I would be happy to help with either triage or fighting."

Zynell asks Sothios, "Foot rubs?"

Sothios says, "For you dear."

Sothios nods.

Dasheek says, "It sounds like the best way to go about this would be for all of those interested to put together their own team, and communicate with each other."

Zynell emits a deep rumbling noise of contentment at Sothios.

Kalinandra leans back against Golameth with a loving smile.

Dasheek says to Raikage, "You and Maltris running scouts, for instance."

Raikage says to Dasheek, "We'll still need a few to act as the decision makers as well."

Dasheek says to you, "You and Zynell running triage, et cetera."

Sothios nods to Raikage.

Zynell winks at you.

Dasheek says to Raikage, "Got any ideas? I'm willing."

Maltris says, "Too many teams dilutes the fighting forces."

You grin at Zynell.

Raikage nods at Maltris, obviously agreeing with his views.

You say to Dasheek, "I may be more suited toward healing in the field, but I am happy to help with organizing triage if needed."

Golameth jabs an elbow into Kalinandra's ribs. The honeymoon must be over.

Kalinandra gives Golameth a good pinch!

Jaelia says to Zynell, "I have always heard you are the best known cleric for knowing how to run an excellent triage as a cleric. We don't really have that anymore, Empaths do, its a bit a a free for all with clerics, and I think it would be nice to have some standards, and there are some horrible Triage places people default to, which is ok, I can't force empaths to move but - I'd love to work with you sorting out things and nudging people when things get messy about other spots if it is needed."

Sothios says, "Needa little organization."

Sothios nods to Raikage.

Zynell says to you, "Being in charge of triage means you get to put other empaths on sitting duty."

You chortle at Zynell.

Zynell gives you a mischievous grin.

Kaldean nods to Saragos.

Mage Slayer Golameth skips east, leading his group.

Dasheek says to you, "However you'd like, it was just a suggestion."

Jaelia takes a sip of her coffee.

You nod.

Jaelia takes a sip of her coffee.

Raikage says to Dasheek, "I think you will be a very capable leader in the defense yes."

Jaelia takes a sip of her cider.

Dasheek says to Raikage, "I think literally anyone would be better than what we have now."

Dasheek says, "Meaning, no one.."

Jaelia nods to Dasheek.

Raikage flashes a wide grin at Dasheek.

Raikage exclaims to Dasheek, "That's the spirit!"

Raikage pats Dasheek on the back.

Dasheek says to Raikage, "In that spirit, I'll be hosting a few lectures on the fighting mindset in the near future."

Raikage whispers something to Maltris.

Saragos says, "Probably a good plan to get several people known as group leaders. One person can't be here all the time. But Maltris is right - you want your group leaders to be able to agree to combine when the fight is on. A bigger group beats fewer smaller groups unless you have multiple objectives you need to hit."

Dasheek nods at Saragos, obviously agreeing with his views.

Sothios nods.

Illiya nods to Saragos.

Raikage whispers something to Maltris.

Dasheek says to Saragos, "I like that idea a lot."

You nod in agreement.

Dasheek asks you, "You mentioned many were interested, were any of those not present today?"

Maltris whispers something to Raikage.

Dasheek says, "I can think of Anuril and Betlind off the top.."

You say, "Most are here now."

You nod to Dasheek.

You say, "And perhaps Kethrai, though I have not spoke to him about it yet."

Maltris nods to Raikage.

Jaelia says, "I really really like that Idea. I think Zoluren's biggest strength is that a lot of different people will come together as needed and make it work even if it seems hodgepodge. If people can communicate, they can come together split and coordinate and surprise things - and that is not something outside forces are accustomed to on approaches, and never really can be, because its so easy to change it up as needed."

Illiya says, "We could hold a more formal meeting about this."

Dasheek nods at Illiya, obviously agreeing with her views.

Illiya says, "This was kind of impromptu so many were not able to be here."

Kaldean nods to Illiya.

Raikage says to Maltris, "I'll be in touch with you in a while, I have to go meet with a contact."

Raikage waves.

Dasheek nods to Raikage.

Illiya waves to Raikage.

Kaldean waves to Raikage.

Sothios snaps to attention and hails Raikage with a crisp hand salute.

Zynell says to Jaelia, "I have done a lot of triages and have no issue yelling at folk when needed. I am happy to rehost some triage clericing tips and how to work with empaths meetings."

You lean on Maltris.

Raikage says, "I'll try to be back soon."

Maltris nods to Raikage.

Paragon of Virtue Raikage roves east.

Slarc fixes Briaen with a cold, reptilian stare.

Dasheek asks, "I think that's a good idea, Jaelia. It's been a while since I've heard about a triage meeting. The re-emergence of the Gorbesh being the last time, maybe?"

Dasheek asks you, "Would you like to schedule another, more formal meeting for the defense of Zoluren? Maybe with WGS hosting?"

Illiya touches the tattoo on her arm and closes her eyes in concentration.

You nod to Dasheek.

You say, "Of course, I'd be happy to."

Jaelia says, "One rois."

Dasheek says, "No, it'll need to be further out than that."

Dasheek grins at Jaelia.

Kaldean smirks at Dasheek.

You try hard not to grin.

Chelinde nibbles her lip thoughtfully.

Dasheek says, "Maybe more like one month's time (ooc: 2 weeks, to get it on the calendar?)."

You nod in agreement.

You say, "At least, yes."

Zynell nods to Dasheek.

Dasheek says, "Good deal. I feel like we may actually be able to accomplish something."

Dasheek says to Slarc, "Should we be able to bury old hatchets."

You smile at Dasheek.

Zynell says, "That is usually how it seems in the beginning."

Zynell playfully tilts her ears in opposite directions.

Slarc grows still, fixing Dasheek with a cold, calculating look and lowering his tail slightly.

Maltris searches around for a moment.

Chelinde whispers something to Slarc.

Saragos says, "Hopefully not burying them in warm bodies."

Dasheek says, "You'll discover my optimism knows no bounds."

Slarc says, "I will consider your surrender."

You laugh softly, trying to hide your amusement.

Dasheek says to Slarc, "Never."

Jaelia says, "Thank you, I recommend Zynell for the Triage meeting or someone like that."

Jaelia says, "In my thoughts a few."

Dasheek says to Slarc, "That'll be a key point in my fighting mindset lectures. You should attend."

Sothios smiles.

Slarc says, "I'm sure the orphans would be glad to learn how you stick fight like a child."

Dasheek nods to Slarc.

Maltris says to Dasheek, "I am certain that when the time comes to defend the province, dissention can be set aside for common interests."

Maltris smiles at Dasheek.

Dasheek says to Slarc, "I've found orphans in these lands rarely need the lecture. They are, unfortunately, born into the fighting mindset."

(Jaelia takes a few more notes then dashes off in a rush.)

Jaelia just skipped out.

You grin at Maltris.

Illiya smiles at Maltris, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.

Dasheek nods to Maltris.

You say to Maltris, "Let us hope so."

Dasheek says to Maltris, "I sure hope so."

Kaldean nods to Maltris.

You flash a quick grin at Dasheek.

Slarc says, "We have brought them in from lands that Therengia has burned through."

Slarc says, "It's their unforunate reality as war victims."

Chelinde rubs a dull serpent earcuff.

Dasheek says, "I appreciate the conversation, folks. Thanks for stopping by."

Dasheek says to Slarc, "Even you."

Slarc says to Dasheek, "You have been honored by my presence."

Slarc gives Dasheek a slight nod.

You nod to Dasheek.

Dasheek laughs!

Illiya says, "Good to see everyone."

Sothios grins at Slarc.

Dasheek sarcastically says, "So very honored.."

Dasheek nods in agreement.

Dasheek says, "Be dangerous."

You nod to Zynell.

Zynell beams at you! What a warm feeling!

Lowering his head in reverence, Kaldean takes a step backward and bends into a formal bow.

Sky Knight Kaldean goes east.

Slarc flashes a wide grin at Chelinde.

Saragos says, "Hopefully we can all get together again soon and shout more insults at each other while we defeind Zoluren."

Saragos says, "Take care."

Slarc says, "That sounds fantastic."

Saragos gives a courteous nod and tips his hat politely.

Zynell grins.

You grin at Saragos.

Slarc says, "I finally agree with you."

Tempest Knight Saragos strides east.

Chelinde looks at Slarc, obviously trying not to grin, but the dimples in her cheeks give her away.

You nod amiably.

Slarc studies the faces around him.

Slarc says, "Goodnight elves, and prydaen."

Slarc says to Briaen, "And taint."

Maltris puts his almanac in his multi-strapped carryall.

Chelinde says, "Good night, Slarc."

assess race
You study the area...

Briaen is a male Human. He appears to be mature.
Maltris is a male Elf. He appears to be an adult.
Chelinde is a female Elf. She appears to be young.
Sothios is a male Elf. He appears to be young.
Zynell is a female Prydaen. She appears to be a bird-hunter.
That's everyone!
Roundtime: 5 seconds.

Briaen gazes off to the east.

Maltris asks you, "More discussion this day?"

You say, "I believe we may be finished for now."

You grin at Maltris.

Maltris nods.

Maltris smiles at you.

Maltris says, "Until next time, I look forward to it."

You nod.

Maltris says, "Even the banter."

Maltris smirks.

Raven Queen Chelinde traipses east.

Maltris says, "War and defense doesn't come without passions."

You say, "So true."

You chortle softly at some secret joke.