Ain Ghazal bank

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Found on the island of Ain Ghazal near the docks. Once in the building, which also houses a Trader outpost and stable, go through the oak door to reach the lounge and bank. Within the lounge are refreshments and a chess board.

[Ain Ghazal, Private Depository]
Were it not for the bag of coins painted upon the carved door, it might be difficult to recognize this large marble room as a bank at all, despite the vault and pristine white counter at the far side of the room. Comfortable couches sit across from each other on either side of polished counting tables, providing a place for the island's residents to rest during their errands and chat with their fellow sisters. A tall decanter of blue liquid sits on a mirrored tray on one of the tables. You also see a square mahogany table with a chess board on it and an oak door.
Obvious exits: north.

On the mirrored tray
Item Price Done
a decanter of Vanity 0