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An adze is an axe-like tool used for smoothing or carving rough-cut wood in hand woodworking. Generally, the user stands astride a board or log and swings the adze downwards towards his feet, chipping off pieces of wood, moving backwards as they go and leaving a relatively smooth surface behind.

The blade of an adze is set at right angles to the tool's shaft (like a hoe or plane), unlike the blade of an axe which is set in line with the shaft.[1]


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
AdzeStruan's Weapons and Armor, Struan's Weapons and Armortrue
Adze (2)
Adze (crafted)false
Polished windsteel adze with firestained mountain rangesTies for Things (6)Ties for Things (5)Ties for Things (4)Ties for Things (3)
Weapon:Adze (crafted)false


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