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Used to file a complaint with guards after catching someone stealing.
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  • ACCUSE <name>
  • ACCUSE <name> TO CLERK
Trader syntax

Game Help

  To accuse somebody of theft, find a guard in the city you were stolen from.  Then, do ACCUSE (person) THIEVERY.  If believed, you will be credited for the money that was stolen from you.

When not in the presence of a guard, this acts as a fluff verb.


After catching someone in the act of pickpocketing within city limits, avictim may go to any guard of the city the crime happened in and accuse the person. It is not always successful, with such things as the victim and thief's past criminal record, and possibly relative Charismas being relevant to success.


Traders, even if outside city limits, may lodge a complaint with a clerk at the local trading outpost, but only so long as the theft happened on a recognized trading route. If successful, the guild may send out a group of "concerned citizens" to inflict bodily harm upon the accused.


Thieves, being against the common provincial law, have their own form of justice. A member in good standing with the thief guild may accuse a person, not of the guild, to the provincial guildleader. If the accused has been caught stealing from the guilded member, thugs are sent out. The resulting conversation is rarely survivable.

Mechanics Abuse

It is considered Mechanics Abuse to use more than character per account to attempt to accuse.

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