Abandoned Dragon (1)

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Abandoned Dragon
Event Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406
Owner Nijara
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Shield shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Abandoned Dragon]
Solid walls made from iron enclose this room, each of the square metallic plates sealed in place with steel rivets. Harsh torchlight flickers in long tongues on both the east and west walls, throwing reddish shadows across the room. Near the back, a billowing forge glows orange-hot, set next to a large anvil and workbench.
You also see a thin metal jewelry tree with several things on it, a flame-etched iron shield stand with several things on it, a dark iron door and a metal weapon rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the jewelry tree
Item Price Done
ornate platinum bracelet with an empty gem setting of dark steel filigree 36,080   
polished iron ring with a hollow eye-shaped setting 5,412   
thin iron choker with a small dragon claw at the throat 7,216   
twisted steel choker featuring a prominent hollow setting 5,863   
twisted silver bracelet with an empty teardrop setting 10,824   
blackened steel choker with an empty setting at the throat 6,314   
polished steel bracelet with an empty gem setting surrounded by silver roses 9,020   
blackened steel ring with knotwork etching surrounding an empty setting 5,412   !!
The items on this jewelry tree are made to hold tiny, small and medium gems.
On the iron shield stand
Item Price Done
steel-banded target shield with an empty gem setting in the center 10,824   !!!!
steel-banded iron tower shield with an empty setting in its center 19,844   !!
polished iron target shield with a hollow setting at its top edge 9,922   !!!!
large iron tower shield prominently displaying a silver crest 22,550   !!!!
dark steel target shield prominantly displaying a silver crest 9,922   !!
black steel tower shield with a hollow setting in its top edge 19,844   !!!!
The shields on this stand are designed to hold large and huge gems only.
On the weapon rack
Item Price Done
thin steel rapier with an empty socket for the pommel 10,824   !!!!
tempered iron longsword with a flying dragon-shaped hilt 7,216   
blackened steel stiletto with a curved dragon claw pommel 7,216   !!!!
blackened steel sword with an empty crest setting in the ebony hilt 7,216   !!!!
etched steel sword with an empty setting in the elegant silver pommel 7,216   
curved steel rapier with a black leather-wrapped hilt 7,216   
polished bronze longsword with a wide leather-wrapped hilt 7,216   !!!!
polished steel stiletto with a dragon claw pommel grasping empty air 7,216   !!!!
The hilts of the weapons on this rack are designed to hold medium, large and huge gems.