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Aathan Cinderfield
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Trader
Instance Prime
Relatives Szam, Aulisil

Business is business, and everybody's money spends the same. If you're avoiding town for any reason, and you have need of my services for gem pouch selling, purchases, to pass on a message, make a delivery, temporarily deposit coin for you in my account (I keep detailed records), or what have you, contact me via albredine crystal ring or "messenger pigeon" (AIM: AathanDR).

I make my home in Riverhaven but, given notice, I will travel to your location in any of the major cities or islands to conduct your business for you. All I ask is a fair percentage for my time and effort (the amount of which is up to you), and a kind word about me to others who may need my services. No questions asked.

Character Look

You see Acquirer Aathan Cinderfield, Traveler of Elanthia, a Human Trader.

Aathan has an angular face with elegant arched eyebrows, slightly pointed ears, almond-shaped stormy grey eyes and an aquiline nose. His blue-black hair is short and wavy, and is worn in a tousled, finger-combed style. He has dark skin and a lithe build.

He has gold and platinum lirums painted on his face.

He appears to be in his prime.

His shoulder has a tattoo of a knotwork raven, wings outstretched, with a thick black outline.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a white linen keffiyeh, a dark steelsilk balaclava, a silver jadeite gwethdesuan, an undyed linen burnoose with smocking around the shoulders, a black leather haversack with a quartz crystal clasp, a lumpy bundle, a rugged black backpack, a finely woven white linen kamis with a fringed hem, a deep blue mohair robe with black braid trim, some burnished chain, a sleek skirmisher's shield crafted from dusky black ironwood, some dark steelsilk gauntlets, a sturdy blackened iron band stamped with a crest, an albredine crystal ring, a gold leather weapons belt with a Traders' Guild crest buckle, a vivid crimson sash edged with a deep knotwork fringe, a black canvas feedbag, a sunstone lockpick ring, a brushed silver contract case clasped with a golden raven, a gold-hilted skinning knife displaying the Traders' Guild crest, some dark cotton trousers with tight-fitting cuffs and some floral brocade slippers with slightly upturned toes.

Character Backstory

Aathan was born in Dirge to a serving wench at the Darkstone Inn. His father was a passing Sand Elf Trader, known only as "Mozut," whom never passed that way again.

His birth was not welcome, and his mother vented her frustration and anger on him from infancy, often ignoring him for days while she entertained the wealthy Traders in her room. If not for the innkeeper's wife taking pity on him and feeding him from a milk-soaked rag, he would surely have died before the end of his first year.

Growing up on the streets of Dirge - ignored, penniless, and near-starving - Aathan developed a soul-searing jealousy of the rich Traders to whom his mother gave her attentions. He vowed to become one of them at any cost. To that end, at the tender age of thirteen, he apprenticed himself to a fat Rakash Trader, called Barachags, who used young Aathan for his pleasure.

As distasteful as being with Barachags was, Aathan astutely learned the Trader's profession and made himself indispensable on the road. A scant two years later, at the age of fifteen, Aathan gained complete control of his destiny. Barachags' weight and lack of physical activity finally caught up with him, and the old Rakash died of heart failure on the long trade route between Therenborough and Fornsted. Aathan delivered the body to the Fornsted outpost and waited in Muspar'i while Barachags' will was opened and examined by the guildleaders in Crossing.

While perusing the famous music shops of the Sun's Egg, Aathan was approached by an elderly Sand Elf woman who mistook him for her son, long since dead. The woman's family agreed that the resemblance was uncanny, and asked to have him magically tested by the city's Empaths, to determine his heritage. As it turned out, the senile old woman was right. Aathan Cinderfield, half-elven guttersnipe of Dirge, shared the blood of House Cholesturi, a powerful Musparan merchant dynasty.

By the time word came up from Crossing that Barachags had left all of his holdings to Aathan, the Cholesturis had wholeheartedly accepted Aathan as one of their own. Nowadays, Aathan can be seen on the road with his black-paneled caravan, trading between Riverhaven and Muspar'i, and occasionally operating a market table in Crossing.

Stats & Skills
Circle 27
Strength Agility Intelligence Wisdom
Stamina Reflex Discipline Charisma
Shield Usage Light Armor Chain Armor Brigandine
Plate Armor Defending
Parry Ability Small Edged Large Edged Twohanded Edged
Small Blunt Large Blunt Twohanded Blunt Slings
Bows Crossbows Staves Polearms
Light Thrown Heavy Thrown Brawling Offhand Weapon
Melee Mastery Missile Mastery
Lunar Magic Attunement Arcana Targeted Magic
Augmentation Debilitation Utility Warding
Evasion Athletics Perception Stealth
Locksmithing Thievery First Aid Outdoorsmanship
Forging Engineering Outfitting Alchemy
Enchanting Scholarship Mechanical Lore Appraisal
Performance Engineering Trading