Y'ntrel Sechra

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Wm thumb.jpgWarrior Mage Guild

Y'ntrel Sechra
Abbreviation: YS
Prerequisites: Zephyr or Tailwind
Signature: No
Spell Slots: 1
Mana Type: Elemental Magic
Spell Type: standard / augmentation
Difficulty: intermediate
Prep (min/max): 15 / 100
Skill Range (min/max): 80 / 800
Valid Spell Target: Self
Duration (min/max): 10 minutes / 40 minutes
Justice: This spell is legal to cast in Justice Zones.
Corruption: This spell does not cause Divine Outrage or some other form of Sorcerous Corruption.
Description: The Y'ntrel Sechra spell, developed by S'Kra wind mages, creates a cushion of air between your body and the armor you are wearing. This cushion of air will flow with your movements, supporting the armor and allowing you to move more freely.
Effect: +Brigandine skill, +Chain Armor skill, +Light Armor skill, +Plate Armor skill, Buffs all worn types.
Example Messaging: You gesture.

A stiff breeze surrounds you, molding itself to your body and cushioning you against the weight of your armor.

The currents of air about you shift slightly to better bear your armour.

Devices/Tattoos: No devices or tattoos documented.


  • Armor skill buff to all types of armor type worn.
  • Will adjust to new armor types if changed.
  • The GMs have said they are unsatisfied with this spell, but they have yet to find a good alternative.