Twansic's Tent (4)

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Twansic's Tent
Event Premium Mini Festival 418
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Prydaen shops, Rakash shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Weapon shops, Armor shops
Restrictions Prydaen
This store only accepts Kronars

[Twansic's Tent, Main Opening]
Animal pelt walls enclose this tent from the elements while glass globes, hanging from branches above, glow softly with a flickering light. Several Prydaen move about the tent, re-arranging things that have been disturbed. The tent flap gently shifts as people come and go.
You also see a rabbit-fur curtain, a snowbeast fur rug with a few things on it, a wooden barrel with several things on it, a wooden rack with a darkened leather-wrapped case tooled with the silhouette of a panther on it and a small stand with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the snowbeast fur rug
Item Price Done
sturdy bear claw dagger with a sinew-wrapped hilt 902   !!
tattered black remembrance armband with shadow embroidery 2,706   
shark-tooth carving knife with a wooden hilt 721   !!
On the wooden barrel
Item Price Done
simple bone earcuff carved into spirals 22,550   
silver earcuff suspending a rough-cut yellow topaz 22,550   
fire opal earcuff dangling a glittering star-shaped crystal 22,550   DG
intricate golden earcuff shaped into a wheel with beaded spokes 22,550   
blackened silver earcuff edged with turquoise chevrons 22,550   DG
On the wooden rack
Item Price Done
darkened leather-wrapped case tooled with the silhouette of a panther 18,040   !!
On the small stand
Item Price Done
slender steel rasp set with a scarlet sunstone 2,525   !!
claw sharpener backed by supple leather 3,608   
chunk of lava stone with smoothed edges 360   
curled ram's horn with a blunted tip 1,804   
"These items upon the stand are for use of sharpening one's claws. Used by both Prydaen and S'Kra Mur. ~Twansic"