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Status: Historical Figure
Race: Elf
Gender: Unknown
Type: emperor


593 BL Reign of Ponthilas IV, a Human, begins
592 BL Construction begins on the Ponthilas Imperial Observatory
590 BL --Ponthilas IV is killed by an arrow during a hunting trip
--Reign of Saranell II, a Dwarf, begins
589 BL Construction on the Ponthilas Imperial Observatory is halted
588 BL The First Magical Congress is called
586 BL --The Lunar Accord is signed
--The Imperial Guild of Moon Mages receives Board of Wizardry sanctioning
583 BL Reign of Trachcarim, an Elf, begins
582 BL Construction on the Ponthilas Imperial Observatory resumes and is completed
575 BL Reign of Piatek, an Elothean, begins