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Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Lymira


You see Tirost Armagna, Knight Magister of Meraud, a Human Warrior Mage.
Tirost has an oval face, silver-flecked crystal blue eyes and a straight nose. His dark brown hair is short and wavy, and is worn loose. He has tanned skin and an athletic build.
He is a bit over average height for a Human.
He has a tattoo of a wolf's head shrouded by an aura of flame over twin crossed swords on his chest.

He is wearing a fur-trimmed black mantle fastened with a silversteel brooch, some nightmare black leathers, a black steel mourning band inlaid with ivory lilies, a dark leather sheath inlaid with silversteel and some black leather boots.

Tirost and his muse
Tirost and his muse


His familiar, Pangovin, is a storm-grey cat with gold-flecked crystal blue eyes.


Tirost is the Vice-Speaker of the Tavern Troupe, and a mentor with the Lorethew Mentor Society. He is a former member of the Order of the Dragon Shield.


See the poetry of Tirost.