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Usage Documentation:



{{ShopItem|t=type|item page name|name=name displayed|note=notes|price}}

The case of the text used will not matter. All entries not included in the notes section will be reduced to lower case and the first letter capitalized.
The notes will display in italics to the right of the main entry.
Use the second one if you wish the display name to be different from the page it links to.
Use the type field to declare the namespace, (n=none,i=item,w=weapon,s=shield,a=armor)

If the link needs to be disabled, add "t=nl".

NOTE: You do not need to input the coin type. Also, do not include the article (a, an, some) in the item; it will cause issues with linking.


The final column will display a number of error codes:

!! links to a page that is incomplete.
No indicates a redlink (used for successful population of the Fest template).
!! links to a page that is outdated.
DG links to a disambiguation page.