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Apr 26, 2018: DR-GREJUVA confirmed: "20th for Clerics, 30th for Paladins, 40th for others."

Oct 17, 2017: Question, does anyone know if there's a timer on how often the affiliation title can be granted? I got the "of Everild" on my barbarian then tried on someone else a couple hours later and we were having no luck even though all other requirements were met. We each had 16 favors from Everild that were consecutive and I was high on devotion. The cleric's circle was in the 190's and the other character was about 110th.


  1. The person that wants the title needs at least 15 consecutive favors from the same god of choice as the cleric performing the commune.
    • If you're not sure just check your religion titles and if you have the "Disciple" title then you're good to go.
  2. The cleric performing Truffenyi's Commune needs at least 10 consecutive favors from the same god as the person receiving.
  3. The cleric needs to have high devotion.
  4. Person recieving needs to kneel before the cleric, with the offering in their right hand.
  5. There's a circle requirement for the person recieving, not sure exactly but I'd venture a guess as around 50th. We found this out from someone else trying to get the post-title and it wasn't happening, we assisted and the GM told us the person was too low circle-wise, the person was 30th so it's higher than that. 20th for Cleric, 30th for Paladins and 40th for everyone else.
  6. If those conditions are met, then the cleric should perform the Truffenyi Commune on the other player.
  7. NOTE: There is a cooldown for bestowing the affiliation title, I'm not sure how long but it's more than a few hours. My guess at this point is 24 hours.
-Ozban, 5/15/2015, Immortal post-title

For the post title "of <Immortal>"...
(I moved the info up above into the "checklist" for easier access/reading.)
-I dug this up from an old log, just to get this information out here, too many people ask about it and there's so much conflicting information.

> give mythor
You offer your scorpion bead to Mythorhad, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer.  Type CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer.
Mythorhad has accepted your offer and is now holding an ebony scorpion bead.
Mythorhad kneels down before you.

> commune truff mythor

You pour your faith and devotion into a plea to Truffenyi, an ebony scorpion bead held aloft in your hands.
A faint voice murmurs in your head, ~ "You are heard, Urrem'tier's favored." ~
You grip Mythorhad's wrists and guide him to hold an ebony scorpion bead aloft with both hands as an offering to the divine.

Mythorhad's offering turns to dust and is scattered away in an errant wind.  Like a time-reversed, guttering candle, molten glass pools within his palm 
and begins to build itself upward.  As the creation of a glowing Urrem'tier orb concludes, it pulses once, and his eyes take on a deadened look.

Mythorhad falls down!
Mythorhad's in shock and dying!

The power of Truffenyi has answered your prayer.

 -The falling down and dying is just Urrem'tier's way of bestowing the favor orb is all, that won't happen with the other gods, and he didn't actually die.

Favor orbs are NOT offerings:
 -The following is a log of us trying with a favor orb, the offering has to be something like a bead, that you'd offer on an altar to GET a favor orb.

Mythorhad gets a glowing Urrem'tier orb from inside his hitman's backpack.
The Urrem'tier orb glows faintly in Mythorhad's hand.
Mythorhad kneels down.
> commune truff mythor
Mythorhad must present his favor orb to the gods on his own.