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  • Must use a dagger, have holy oil ready, and be at a Dark God's altar.
  • You'll be charged with forbidden practices if this is done in a justice zone.
  • This will remove ALL of your favors!
    • You MUST consent the cleric for them to sacrifice you, so make sure it's someone you trust since you'll be departing without any favors and leave a grave!

Cleric Sacrifice of a Player, log:

> wield ham

You draw out your throwing hammer from the hitman's backpack, gripping it firmly in your right hand.
> sacrifice mythor
You must prepare Mythorhad for sacrifice by sprinkling holy oil on him first.
> get jar

You get a large corked jar from inside your thigh bag.
> l in jar
In the corked jar you see some holy oil.
> sprinkle jar on mythor
You sprinkle Mythorhad with some holy oil.
> put jar in thigh bag

You put your jar in your thigh bag.
> sacrifice mythor
For ritual sacrifice, you need a dagger of some sort in your hand.
> sheath

You sheathe the throwing hammer in your hitman's backpack.
> 'A dagger...
You say, "A dagger..."
> mutter
You mutter to yourself.
> rem knife

You remove a damite ritual knife with a sinuous double-edged blade from your upper arm.
> sacrifice mythor
Syntax: SACRIFICE Mythorhad TO <dark god>
> sacrifice mythor Huldah
You glance about with murderous intent.

> sacrifice mythor to Huldah

You prostrate yourself before a small altar fashioned from a section of lightning-blasted mistwood and rattle off praises to the dark gods.  Standing 
up, you raise a damite ritual knife with a sinuous double-edged blade above Mythorhad's supine body and pause.  You proclaim, "I, the holy servant,  
sacrifice this Human to the eternal glory of Huldah!  May his paltry soul be found worthy!"
You swiftly slam your ritual knife downward to plunge it deeply into Mythorhad's heart.

* Mythorhad is slain before your eyes!

You absentmindedly pull out the blade, already plotting your next sacrifice.

You sense that you are as pure of spirit as you can be, and you are ready for whatever rituals might face you.

You feel that the dark gods have cracked a bleak smile of good favor at your attempts to please them.

"Burn him!  Burn him!"  You hear the cries echo around you as everyone in the vicinity suddenly moves away, giving you a wide berth!  It goes without  
saying you'll be wanted for forbidden practices in Crossing now.

Several black-robed acolytes hurry in, remove the carcass, then meticulously wipe the mistwood altar clean.  Once they are done, they exit backwards  
with humble postures, just as quietly as they came.