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Status: Historical Figure
Race: Elothean
Gender: Female
Type: emperor

Empress of the Empire (337-330 BL). Preceeded by Lelamos, succeeded by Peroibo.

During her reign, Jomay was the head of the Empath Guild. Jomay's group, the Liva'anneg had tried to kill her and had killed many of the Empire.

Indredrik I'sanar was her Royal Historian.


344 BL Reign of Lelamos, an Elf, begins
337 BL Reign of Surleerik, an Elothean, begins
330 BL Reign of Peroibo, a Halfling, begins

Artwork & Items

From a heptagonal platinum medallion bearing the visage of Empress Surleerik:

The medallion depicts a lofty Elothean woman crowned with engraved stars, radiating a sense of power that once ruled seven races.