Spring Promotion 2020/Prison Riot: The Aftermath

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The Prison Riot: The Aftermath quest was re-released during the 2020 Spring Promotion. It could be run by all paid subscribers for free.

All the incidental and end prizes were removed, replaced by two items: a commemorative medal and a siegery figurine.

End Loot

[Prison, Storage Vault]
Darkness pervades this room, pierced only by a single bright light focused on a table and a soft glow emanating from an archway to the north.
You also see an open archway leading to a waiting ship and an oak table with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the oak table
Item Price Done
medal depicting an imprisoned raven between bars of polished silversteel 0   !!
Deputy Warden Adisel model featuring crystal blue eyes 0   !!