Scarlet Tent

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Scarlet Tent
Event Shard Liberation Festival
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[A Scarlet Tent, Sales Floor]
Scarlet-veiled clerks move quietly about the tent, straightening and restocking the goods on display. Golden silk hangings fan out from a tent pole to fall in gentle folds. A floral carpet covers the ground, cushioning shoppers' feet and smoothing grass or stone alike. You also see a tent flap, a mahogany coat rack with some stuff on it, a felt-covered table with some stuff on it, a wide counter with some stuff on it, a wooden box, a narrow oak table with some stuff on it, a bucket of viscous gloop, a gold-trimmed ironwood rack with some stuff on it, an onyx-trimmed silverwood rack with some stuff on it, and a felt-covered satinwood table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the coat rack
Item Price Done
black wool captain's coat with gold braiding around the pockets 63,140   No
red suede longcoat 36,080   No
blue suede longcoat 36,080   No
black suede longcoat 36,080   No
black velvet greatcoat with gold piping and scrimshaw toggles 81,180   No
red velvet greatcoat with silver piping and scrimshaw toggles 81,180   No
blue wool captain's coat with braided silver epaulettes 63,140   
On the felt-covered table
Item Price Done
navy blue captain's hat with braided gold trim 36,080   
black wool tricornered hat with a long white plume 27,060   No
black silk tricornered hat with silver trim 36,080   No
bright blue bosun's hat 9,020   No
deep red bosun's hat 9,020   No
black felt first mate's hat 13,530   No
navy blue first mate's hat 13,530   
red-plumed captain's hat of fine black felt 36,080   
wide-brimmed blue felt hat 18,040   No
On the wide counter
Item Price Done
silk and chain-wrapped belt with gold dangling medallions 17,047   No
deep black leather belt studded with sterling silver ships 6,765   
rough leather belt with a wide golden buckle bearing a carving of a galleon 6,765   
braided suede belt with an oval buckle engraved with the image of a skull and crossbones 13,530   
In the wooden box
Item Price Done
red silk headscarf 4,510   
blue silk headscarf 4,510   No
white silk headscarf 4,510   
black silk headscarf 4,510   
blue and white striped headscarf 4,510   
black and white striped headscarf 4,510   No
On the oak table
Item Price Done
plain white shoe box 4,510   No
plain black boot box 4,510   No
On the ironwood rack
Item Price Done
soft sage green silk veil 18,040   
iridescent ice blue silk veil 18,040   
loosely woven somber brown veil 18,040   
pink rosebud appliqued silk veil 18,040   
gold and aqua silk veil 18,040   
diaphenous silvery silk veil 18,040   
gold-beaded sheer silk veil 18,040   
black-pearl trimmed silk veil 18,040   
vivid ruby red silk veil 18,040   
diaphanous melon-hued silk veil 18,040   
gold-trimmed ivory silk veil 18,040   
On the silverwood rack
Item Price Done
luminescent diamond-trimmed veil 18,040   
sheer emerald-edged veil 18,040   
lace-edged pristine white veil 18,040   
moon and star appliqued veil 18,040   
leaf-edged dark green veil 18,040   
pale golden gossamer silk veil 18,040   
ivory-edged deep blue silk veil 18,040   
daisy-trimmed lemon yellow veil 18,040   
iris-trimmed amethyst silk veil 18,040   
translucent crystal-beaded veil 18,040   
variegated blue and green veil 18,040   
On the satinwood table
Item Price Done
delicate filigreed circlet of lightly hammered gold 108,240   
whimsical headpiece of pale pink rosebuds nestled amidst silken leaves 36,080   
long string of aqua crystalline hair beads interspersed with tiny golden bells 225,500   
exquisite multi-tiered golden tiara displaying a solitary black pearl 315,700   
triple-stranded pearl headband anchored with a carved ivory cameo 405,900   
colorful vine wreath of gold-beaded burgundy leaves 54,120   
enchanting triple-tiered silver circlet set with a spray of dazzling white diamonds 90,200