Saranell II

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Saranell II
Status: Historical Figure
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Type: emperor

Dwarven Emperor (590-583 BL), preceeded by Ponthilas IV and succeeded by Trachcarim.


  • 593 BL Reign of Ponthilas IV, a Human, begins
  • 592 BL Construction begins on the Ponthilas Imperial Observatory
  • 590 BL
    • Ponthilas IV is killed by an arrow during a hunting trip
    • Reign of Saranell II, a Dwarf, begins
  • 589 BL Construction on the Ponthilas Imperial Observatory is halted
  • 588 BL The First Magical Congress is called
  • 586 BL
  • 583 BL Reign of Trachcarim, an Elf, begins

Saranell II in Profiles in Magic, Volume 1

It wasn't until Ponthilas died in his fourth year as Emperor that the Compact became worried. The Dwarven successor, Saranell II took the throne and immediately stated his dislike of the Compact. Saranell claimed they were all frauds and deceivers. Fearing dismissal from the Imperial court, the Assembly applied for recognition by the Board of Wizardry as a formal college of magic.

The Compact was rejected. Their worst fears had come to pass. Jares came up with the idea of gathering other groups of magic similar to the Compact and joining together. Using the last bit of influence as an Imperial advisor he had left, Jares ordered pigeons sent out to every corner of the Empire as he summoned various sects of mages to Throne City. Among the five who later signed the Lunar Accord along with the Celestial Compact, Jares invited others: artists who foresaw through the perfection of their paintings, music, and sculptures; lunatics who received visions by taking themselves far past the thresholds of pain; mages who had forsaken religion and the gods and covered their bodies in tattoos of lunar patterns and identified themselves by the arrangements. Fifteen sects were invited aside from the signatories, and only the barest of information about them remains. These groups have long since vanished from Elanthia, their magic, knowledge, and techniques forever lost.