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Description: A property for declaring an armor's resistance to slice numerically, for comparison purposes. Typically populated by the Armor Template.
Type: Number

There are currently 3990 items in this property, 822 of which are incomplete, and 1158 of which are outdated.

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Neckguard +5  +
Night black panther mask with jade green eyeplates +6  +
Night-black jousting plate streaked with bolts of lightning +12  +
Nightmare black gloves +8  +
Nightmare black gloves painted with skeleton hands +2  +
Nightmare black hood painted with a leering skull +2  +
Nightmare black leathers +8  +
Nightmare black robe emblazed with a flaming skull +2  +
Nondescript purple hood (1) +2  +
Nondescript purple hood (2) +7  +
Notched bone breastplate with crocodile skull pauldrons +8  +
Notched morgawr bone balaclava crafted to form a hollow-eyed skull +8  +
Notched morgawr bone gloves tipped with gleaming white fangs +8  +
Notched morgawr bone robe with generous folds of kau leather +8  +
Notched morgawr bone sleeves wrapped in generous folds of kau leather +8  +
Nubby leather goblin skull mask +6  +


Obsidian helm with a burnished silver visor and scarlet gryphon plumes +10  +
Oddly assembled full battle plate covered with blighted gold symbols +14  +
Oiled black barmail +10  +
Oiled black leather armor fashioned to resemble a beetle +8  +
Oiled leather armor reinforced with darkened steel plates and spiked guards +6  +
Oiled leather jacket +6  +
Oiled leather jacket with a high collar +6  +
Old leather helm tooled with writhing serpents +6  +
Olvi hunting leathers with the tiny image of a black panther finely tooled on the back +7  +
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