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Description: A property for declaring an armor's resistance to slice numerically, for comparison purposes. Typically populated by the Armor Template.
Type: Number

There are currently 4221 items in this property, 777 of which are incomplete, and 2983 of which are outdated.

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Dagged-edged leather zombie mask +6  +
Damite full plate embellished with gold leaf around the edges +15  +
Damite plate gauntlets embedded with shards of kertig-laced granite +14  +
Dappled brown leathers emblazoned with a silver and ruby crest of the Barbarian Guild +5  +
Dappled white boarskin leathers +6  +
Dark agonite great helm patterned with stylized flames +14  +
Dark battle leathers with a quill-and-bearclaw chestpiece +6  +
Dark blood-stained leathers +6  +
Dark blue balaclava with a band of light blue tinted links around the bottom edge +6  +
Dark blue helm painted with a wide band of lighter blue around the bottom edge +6  +
Dark blue leather gloves studded with silver along the back +7  +
Dark blue leather hood edged in a lighter blue +5  +
Dark blue leathers embroidered with a pale blue whip +5  +
Dark bronze armor +14  +
Dark burgundy leather cowl embossed with raven feathers +8  +
Dark chain gauntlets with spiked iron knuckle guards +11  +
Dark chain gloves with burnished bronze links +12  +
Dark chain greaves with mottled links +12  +
Dark chain hauberk outlined with large shards of black bone +10  +
Dark chain mask with burnished bronze links around the eyes +12  +
Dark combat leathers painted with rivulets of fiery red lava +7  +
Dark double chain mail reinforced with jagged shards of black bone +1  +
Dark emerald green jadeleaf warrior's kimono paired with a steelsilk under-robe +7  +
Dark field plate armor set with a disc on the chest +9  +
Dark gauntlets embossed with the symbol of Trothfang +10  +
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