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Description: A property for listing the maximum protection a shield provides.
Type: String
Allows Value: god-like, unbelievable, tremendous, incredible, amazing, very impressive, impressive, very exceptional, exceptional, very great, great, very high, high, very good, good, moderately good, moderate, better than fair, fair, low, rather low, poor, very poor, dismal, terrible, extremely terrible, none

There are currently 1033 items in this property, 677 of which are incomplete, and 428 of which are outdated.

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Triangular shield embellished with ornate etching +better than fair  +
Triangular sipar +low  +
Triangular sipar embossed with a circle bounded by a square +moderate  +
Triangular sipar stamped with the emblem of Saint Aesetani in gold +good  +
Triangular steel sipar embellished with the image of a flying pig +low  +
Triple-reinforced vardite pavise shield +incredible  +
Turtle shell shield +fair  +


Vardite tower shield depicting a snarling razortusk boar +very exceptional  +
Variog +good  +


Warrior's shield shaped into the visage of Saint Garrock +great  +
Warrior's tower shield +very high  +
Weatherbeaten buckler crafted from broken deck boards +good  +
White kite shield +very high  +
White kite shield featuring a stylized red la'tami +good  +
White kite shield painted with a large yellow lightning bolt +high  +
White kite shield painted with notes and clefs +high  +
White oval shield embossed with a rearing stallion +moderately good  +
White oval shield painted with a still life +moderately good  +
White tower shield embellished with a simple blue circle +high  +
White-gold tower shield acid-etched with the image of an armored knight upon a rearing Kirmalia stallion +great  +
Wooden food tray +fair  +
Wooden medium shield with a smeared red handprint +better than fair  +
Wooden shield painted with a trio of black galleons +low  +
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