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Description: A property for listing the maximum protection a shield provides.
Type: String
Allows Value: god-like, unbelievable, tremendous, incredible, amazing, very impressive, impressive, very exceptional, exceptional, very great, great, very high, high, very good, good, moderately good, moderate, better than fair, fair, low, rather low, poor, very poor, dismal, terrible, extremely terrible, none

There are currently 1119 items in this property, 716 of which are incomplete, and 422 of which are outdated.

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Acid-etched tyrium target shield +moderate  +
Agonite-edged triangular sipar with various faces swirling across its surface +moderately good  +
Aldamdin targe crafted to resemble a stylized spider +good  +
Alret's black shield emblazoned in silver with a rearing dragon +very high  +
Armor:Dented bronze gladiator's shield +good  +
Armor:Discolored potter's wheel +high  +
Arsenic-blackened tower shield edged with tarnished silver rivets +high  +
Ash-blackened sipar +low  +
Azure pageant shield emblazoned with a gold dragon +high  +
Azure targe emblazoned with the crest of the Clerics' Guild +moderately good  +
Azure targe embossed with a shipwreck spilling hordes of glistening jewels +good  +
Azure target shield embellished with silver anchors +low  +


Badly misshapen bone shield +great  +
Badly scuffed target shield +low  +
Banded durian wood buckler +good  +
Barmaid's sturdy wicker tray +moderate  +
Barnacle-encrusted bronze kite shield +high  +
Baroque gold-on-niniam targe (1) +good  +
Baroque gold-on-niniam targe (2) +very good  +
Battered black shield emblazoned with a scorched silver dragon +good  +
Battered ceremonial shield decorated with Enelne's eyes +good  +
Battered oval shield +moderate  +
Battered wooden shield sloppily painted with faded insignia +fair  +
Battle-worn black steel tower shield +very great  +
Beaten brass shield +high  +
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