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They shoulda sent the angry General... · on 02/28/2012 07:00 PM CST 1403
[The Gilded Unicorn, Tavern]

Spacious and open, the tavern allows for plenty of breathing room. Axes, swords, and shields decorate the walls, all scratched with the wear of battle and all safely nailed in place that a patron might not grab one in a fit of drunken rage. Situated behind the bar is a tall, muscular Elven woman with long red braids. Judging from her demeanor and the way she handles the people who work and eat here, this can only be the owner, Savrin Kaerna. You also see Savrin Kaerna, a polished deobar door, a large stuffed troll, a painted wooden menu and a secluded booth.

Savrin smirks, "I don't care what you said about waiting, Iazen. I took care of the body, no charge."

You say, "And if they come looking for the body, now? What then?"

Savrin says, "Not my problem. Not anymore, at least."

You say, "The Princess won't like this much. She was hoping for word from them, it's been too long."

Savrin chuckles, "Unfortunate, that. If the others come, I'll be happy to show them some good old fashioned Kaerna hospitality. You know, like they showed us all those years back."

You say, "Leave it be, Savrin. They're allies now."

Savrin smirks, "Are they, Scribe? I've got work to do. Unless you're drinking, move along."

With a frustrated exhalation you make your way out of the Inn, scouring the shadows as you pass through town toward Rivercrossing.

The above can freely be considered an overheard conversation. The body removal event didn't get much spread, and we wanted to make sure that this part of the story made it out to the masses.

GM Jaedren
Events Guy

This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia \ Zoluren Events, by DR-JAEDREN on the forums.


This is in reference to an Elpalzi body that was found on the Northern Trade Route weeks earlier.