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Caravan Route Update · on 6/19/2019 21:54 1662
Hi everyone!

It took a small fortune on focus groups and analyst reports, but we finally convinced caravan leaders to memorize additional routes, and expand their current routes. Now, you will find that caravans will go from outpost to outpost, and provide some additional information regarding what destinations they know!

What does this mean? We have added all Zoluren, Shard, and Hib Outpost destinations to the Caravan routes. You should be able to have a caravan LEAD you between any two outpost destinations in the same province. Some known quirks are as follows:

1 ) When south of the Segoltha but north of the Gondola, that you have to stop at Leth Deriel on your way south/north.
2 ) The Ain Ghazal lead point will take you to the ferry.

You can also type TELL CARAVAN TO HELP for a list of all possible destinations. Additionally, a few existing routes were chained together, so now you can, for example, TELL CARAVAN TO LEAD TO RIVERHAVEN from Crossing, and be lead to the ferry, and vice versa. You still need to be on a proper route for the drivers to recognize their surroundings! This is in DR:Test only, so please poke at things and let us know if you run into any issues. If everything seems in order, we will look at pushing this out to Prime and Plat in about a week, with TF to follow afterwards.

To repeat, this is currently ONLY IN TEST, please poke at it to see if anything breaks, and please let us know if you notice anything odd!

Huge thanks to GM Zadraes for doing the heavy lifting on this one! Happy contract running!

This message was originally posted in Discussions with DragonRealms Staff and Players/Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-KOROR on the play.net forums.