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** (disease)
** (disease)
** (poison)
** (poison)
** (parasites--mites, leeches, worms, etc)
**'''The presence of a secondary shadow about yourself.''' (blood critter)

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Empaths have a special ability to perceive the life essences of the people and animals (and some highly-evolved intelligent plantlife) around them. This action trains empathy and power perception. As they gain skill, these sensations gain clarity and they'll be able to pick out certain properties of the individual (whether in hiding, if they have a disease, etc).

PP/Emp Average Ability
25 empath, same room
50 non-empath
75 critter
100 details
125 empath, adjacent room
150 non-empath
175 critter
200 details
  • Fellow empaths
    • The presence of Xxxxxxx, a fellow Empath. (visible PCs and Empath NPCs)
    • The presence of an unseen fellow Empath. (hidden PC empaths, don't think there are hidden NPC empaths)
  • non-empaths (profession indifferent)
    • The presence of Xxxxxxx. (visible PCs and named/important NPCs like shopkeepers, guildleaders, friendly faces, and guards)
    • An unidentifiable presence. (PCs and NPCs in hiding as opposed to simply not shown in the room description)
    • A relatively healthy presence nearby. (helpful/manipulatible critter, not undead/evil/cursed and not in hiding)
    • A wavering life essence nearby. (huntable critter, about to die)
    • A malicious presence screeching in the far dark corner of your mind causes you to quickly open your eyes! (undead/evil/cursed, not in hiding)
  • details
    • The presence of Xxxxx, whose grasp on life is tenuous. (low vitality)
    • (disease)
    • (poison)
    • The presence of a secondary shadow about yourself. (blood critter)


  1. The types of things you can sense (see above list and table) appear every 50 combined ranks between Empathy and Power Perception. It is possible you may get lucky and see them very rarely before this point, but it appears to always be close to the 50-rank mark (within 20 ranks).
  2. The range you can sense seems to grow every 200 combined ranks in Empathy and Power Perception. It is similarly possible this will happen earlier than expected.
  3. The total number of individual essences you can sense is also limited by your skill. If you exceed this amount, your senses will become overwhelmed and you will be stunned for a moderately long time. Though it will not always happen, you can receive internal injury to your head and nerves.