Pattern Hues

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Wm thumb.jpgWarrior Mage Guild
Pattern Hues
Abbreviation: C P H
Requirements: 20th Circle, 1 Aether cantrip, 120 Elemental Magic skill
Difficulty: 3rd tier
Type / Skill: cantrip / -
Path: Aether
Description: Pattern Hues is a complex but rewarding cantrip that allows you to alter the color of the physical manifestations of certain spells. When cast, it surrounds you with a colored aura that lends its hue to spell patterns that are compatible with its own. You may gesture at yourself to either select a random color or, if you already have an aura in effect around you, dispel the one that is currently affecting your spells.
Effect: change the color of certain spells and cantrips
Messaging: You trace the complex sigils of the Pattern Hues cantrip around yourself.

The air around you becomes suffused with an iridescent ruby red glow.


[Syntax to prepare the cantrip is: PREPARE CANTRIP Pattern Hues]
[A keyword is a single word used to choose a particular color or prefix color.] 
GESTURE CUSTOM is Syntax for custom pattern hue colors.
  • Abilities this works in conjunction with:

Possible prefix colors

bright crystalline gleaming glimmering
glistening hazy iridescent lucent
opalescent phosphorescent relucent scintillating
shadowy shimmering sparkling translucent

Possible colors

Keywords are in bold.

alabaster white amber aqua ash grey azure
blizzard blue-white beige blue bone white brackish brown
burgundy charcoal black chartreuse chrome cobalt blue
crimson cyan deep sable dirt brown emerald green
flame red fog white fuschia gold-flecked grey
indigo jade lavender lurid green lustrous golden
magenta magma red maroon mauve moss-green
obsidian black ochre olive orange peach
pink puce pumpkin orange purple red
ruby red ruddy sanguine russet rust red sea-green
seafoam green seaweed green silver silver-flecked sky blue
slate grey snowflake white soot black steel grey storm grey
sunfire gold taupe topaz yellow turquoise umber
violet wheat gold white white-gold yellow

Possible patterns

Keywords are in bold. black and white striped
colorful flower-patterned
lively plaid
pink and purple polka-dotted
black-and-white checkered
rainbow-striped glow