Packrat's Piece of Paradise (4)

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Packrat's Piece of Paradise
Festival Taisidon Safari 412, Return to Taisidon
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Packrat's Piece of Paradise]
Containers literally surround you in this booth, as used and battered ones have been sewn together to make a crude patched shelter in which to sell goods. A few lanterns of different types hang on drawstrings from various bags on the ceiling. You also see a rickety rack with several things on it, a scribbled sign and a crooked table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: out.

On the rickety rack
Item Price Done
night-black rucksack edged with a string of dangling pard claws 9,423   
simple watersilk sack 1,000   
seafoam-green satin knapsack stitched with silvery dolphins 11,812   No
forest-green hiker's satchel reinforced with thick brown leather 2,400   !!
small wrist pouch with an embroidered strap 665   No
salt-stained duffel bag studded with razor-edged elsralael teeth 450   
soft thigh bag crafted from the finest arzumos fur 2,742   No
woven reed sack adorned with dangling seashells 1,000   No
On the crooked table
Item Price Done
dull lockpick case crafted to resemble a treasure chest 1,600   !!
leather-wrapped reed creel adorned with hooks and flies 1,953   
lunch pail painted with images of feasting dragons 800   !!
battered leather survival belt 600   
small cypress hope chest with polished silver fixtures 7,842