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23 March 2024

  • curprev 15:0915:09, 23 March 2024CRYPTODYNAMIC talk contribs 37,347 bytes +37,347 Created page with "{{Log |date=2024-03-09 |gamedate=448-05-34 |eventname=Vision Meeting |event_instance=DR |pov=Miskton |log=You say, "Okay, I think we can probably get started." You say, "Thank you all for joining me here this evening." Darkewolff smiles. Elurora beams at you! What a warm feeling! Ayrell smiles at you. Ezathiel turns to face you. Ezathiel gazes at you. Darkewolff smiles at you. Pyppa smiles at you. You say, "Before we get into the visions, the first t..."