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Logaro Gringsan
Status: Dead
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Type: child of kalestraum
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Member of Kalestraum's Children as a Votary. At times, seemed uncertain about his allegiance to the organization. Was walked by Everelles for consorting with the enemy.


You see Votary Logaro Gringsan, a Gor'Tog Moon Mage.
He has deep-set blue eyes and a broken nose. He has dark green skin and a brawny build.
He is a bit over average height for a Gor'Tog.
He is middle-aged for a Gor'Tog.

He is holding a pair of dress doeskin boots dyed a dark grey in his right hand. He is wearing a black leather cavalier hat with a long crimson plume, a battered leather backpack, a pair of finely knitted black hose, a leather cuirbouilli coat, a doublet of black suede fastened by heavy brass buttons, a blackened oak shrew in a pewter setting and some leather gloves.