Knightly Attire (2)

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Knightly Attire
Event Hollow Eve Festival 410
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Knightly Attire, Manly Adornments]
Black and white marble is set in a checkerboard pattern across the walls, ceiling and floor of this space, each square outlined in silvery metal. Right angled counters sit in opposite corners, their surfaces polished smooth. In the center of the room is a perfectly round marble stand. You also see a smooth black marble door.
Obvious exits: east, south.

On the smooth counter
Item Price Done
pallid silken cravat patterned with ivory hawks 27060   No
ebon-hued silk cravat held by an obsidian bar 27060   No
emerald scalene cravat pinned with copper kingsnakes 225500   No
ashen jacquard cravat pinned with a molten-core diamond 180400   
simple undyed linen cravat 5412   No
embroidered cravat done in shades of gold and blue 27060   No
scarlet cravat accented with a silversteel stickpin 90200   No
jaalmin cravat with warm autumnal tones 270600   No
On the silvery counter
Item Price Done
pale wisteria top hat banded in smoky cire 90200   No
narrow top hat of midnight black suede 9020   No
sage green top hat accented with a spray of silvered ivy 9020   No
top hat crafted from thornweave dyed a deep earthen hue 451000   No
felted ivory wool top hat 4510   No
ultramarine top hat with an embroidered band 4510   No
incarnadine top hat with a goldweave band 9020   No
plum fustian top hat 4510   No
On the marble stand
Item Price Done
set of stylized wolf head cufflinks rendered in bronze 9020   No
set of carved iroko cufflinks inset with onyx 108240   No
set of kertig cufflinks shaped into bars 225500   No
set of rounded ammolite cufflinks 45100   No
set of faceted swirling charoite cufflinks 180400   No
set of star-shaped glitvire cufflinks 315700   No
set of dendritic opal cufflinks cut into smooth cabochons 22550   
set of squared blue sandstone cufflinks 9020   No

[more pending]