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Kiiryn Greenbottle
Status Active
Race Halfling
Gender Male
Guild Trader
Instance Prime
Relatives Rajiruji

You are Kiiryn Greenbottle of Elanthia, a Halfling.

You have a square face, observant midnight-blue eyes and a classical nose. Your auburn hair is short and thick, and is worn teased. You have tanned skin and an athletic build.

You are short for a Halfling.

You are a whippersnapper.

You have a tattoo of a vibrant kingfisher diving into the rapids of a turbulent river. The bird's striking blue and grey feathers are on full display as it plunges into the water with outstretched wings causing the beginnings of a small splash on your forearm.

You are holding a leaf-bladed telothian parazonium inlaid with verdant moonsilver ewys in your right hand

You are wearing a majestic grey silk greatcloak embroidered with the Greenbottle family crest, a twinkling eddy of swirling lights trapped in an icesteel orrery, a tidy open-collar watersilk shirt, a small leather courier bag, some charcoal wool pants with wide cuffs, a rich golden amboyna burlwood keg with gleaming brass studs, a duelist's sword belt with a light throwing axe hanging from it and a heavy Imperial weave cloth lootsack.


Kiiryn was raised in Theren as the youngest son of an Olvi wine maker. The Greenbottles were known for their varied apple wines and Kiiryn dove head first into the family business. Eventually he realized the best way to promote the Greenbottle brand was to become a Trader and branch out from just selling wine to drunk Olvi.