Joys of Noise (5)

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The Joys of Noise
Event Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Music shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Joys of Noise, Island Beats]
A glossy cerulean painted sky on the metal walls showcase a scene of silvery sand edging a crystal lagoon, and a painted village is seen in the distance. On the ground, sun-dried seaweed spreads across the floor, creating a decorative carpet of intricate fans and swirls while corners and surfaces are piled with sand lirums. A trio of potted trees -- eucalyptus, palm and anli take up the majority of the space here aside from a carved bamboo table placed near the swinging bamboo doors.
Obvious exits: none.

On the bamboo table
Item Price Done
silver-handled mallet 451   No
demonbone-handled mallet 11,275   No
asini-handled mallet 52,767   No
ebony-handled mallet 451   No
On the anli tree
Item Price Done
gold-capped darkspine claves 7,667   No
driftwood claves each inlaid with a large shark tooth 8,569   No
durian claves inlaid with green sapphire stars 6,043   No
lirisan claves carved to look like avocado halves 496,100   No
pitted greenheart claves adorned with white coral chips 560,593   No
On the palm tree
Item Price Done
polished gloomwood-framed glaes washboard 1,082,400   No
polished haon-framed palladium washboard 20,926   No
pair of foggy white mistglass spoons with triangular iroko handles 552,926   No
pair of polished oravir spoons with triangular ke'nag handles 1,172   No
demonbone castanets 62,238   No
moradu-bone castanets 116,358   No
On the eucalyptus tree
Item Price Done
glaes tenor steelpan with a triple braided linen strap 608,850   No
tenor steelpan made of blackened steel with a braided leather strap 16,236   No
small niniam xylophone with a dark leather strap 595,320   No
small orichalcum xylophone with a wide leather strap 649,440   No