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A front end is the program you use on your computer to play DragonRealms. While any Telnet client can get you into the game, many users prefer a front end that is specifically designed for DragonRealms and that automatically and seamlessly connects them to the game.


Features range from nothing at all to very robust development/player tools:

Feature Description
Highlights, gags/ignores/squelches, and substitutes Allow the user to color, hide, or alter specific game messaging strings so that significant game text stands out from less important messaging, and may be organized visually
Scripts, macros, triggers, and aliases Allow the user to automate various game tasks
Windows Allow incoming game text to be routed to different panels within the front end according to what type of information each message contains (whispers, speech, thoughts, death messages, field experience, etc.)
Chats/IMs Allow users to communicate directly with other users without leaving the FE environment
Mapper Allows users to keep track of where they are or where they have been
Data management Allows users to keep notes and record various pieces of information for later use
Plugins Allow users to add features that the developers didn't (more complex than scripts)

Official Simutronics-supported Clients

These are the official clients developed and supported by Simutronics. They are free with your game subscription.

  • Wrayth: The most current and robust of Simutronics's clients for Microsoft Windows (Formerly known as StormFront.)
  • Wizard: An older and less robust client that is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Not recommended due to its age and limited feature set compared to Wrayth.
  • Avalon: Macintosh OS X
    Note: for OS X Lion, currently version 4.1.5 works correctly, but not 4.2.2 "beta".
  • Webclient: The default client for new players. Limited features compared to StormFront but very accessible. (This is generally only recommended for players who can't install a dedicated client.)
  • eScape: Java-based Web client with most basic features. Internet Explorer only.

Third-party Clients

Third-party Clients Designed for DragonRealms

Players or unaffiliated developers provide updates to these clients, but they provide a complete and robust game experience.

  • Frostbite: Open-source C++/Qt client with custom user interface, text highlights, macros and Ruby support
  • Genie: A popular third-party client, with many rich features. Open source.
  • Lich: Can be run on top of Wrayth, Genie, or Frostbite. Open source.
  • Outlander: Open-source macOS client for DR. Highlights, aliases, variables, macros, mapper, scripting.
  • Warlock: Open-source client for Simutronics games. Packages for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Wrayth-compatible scripting and JavaScript engine.
  • YASSE: Open-source script engine plug-in for Avalon

Unsupported Third-party Clients

These clients are not specifically designed for DragonRealms. As such, they require establishing a manual connection by the user, and given the complex stream of game information, require substantial customization.

  • GMud
  • Mudlet: An open-source C++/QT mud client with Lua
  • Rapscallion
  • Telnet (what came/used to come installed with Windows or other OS platforms)
  • VIP Works with screen readers
  • ZMud/CMud: Generic MUD clients. Purchase required (If you want Support for the product).

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