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Directions for connecting via Telnet

-modified from GMUD instructions found here:

1. Log in to your Simutronics account at the DR website and go to the "Go Play!" page.

2. Select the character with which you wish to play. Don't log in to the game yet.

3. Select the Wizard as your client.

4. Click the "Go Play!" button. When you do this, your web browser should hopefully attempt to open a file ending in .sal. Save that file to your disk.

5. Open the saved .sal file in Notepad. The most important lines are the last three lines, starting with GAMEHOST, GAMEPORT, and KEY.

6. use the host and port from the GAMEHOST and GAMEPORT variables i.e. telnet 4901

7. once you're connected enter the Key, then hit enter twice

8. Now, if you wish, you can enter /FE:JAVA