Flower Power (4)

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Flower Power
Event Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops, Armor shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Flower Power, Sales Floor]
Floral scents fill the air, originating from the Human-sized vases standing in each corner. Peeking out from behind a massive floral stand, a small counter is almost obscured by the profusion of mums and carnations. A wooden rack and stand display weapons while mannequins present mostly armor with a few weapons.
You also see a white door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the leather-covered mannequin
Item Price Done
ebony leather aventail trimmed with dainty flowers 1,353   !!
ebony leather greaves tooled with painted flowers 1,353   !!
ebony leather helm trimmed with tiny flowers 4,510   !!
ebony leather gloves adorned with tiny flowers 1,353   !!
ebony leather brigandine embellished with flowers 18,040   !!
On the linen-covered mannequin
Item Price Done
white linen hood 902   !!
white linen gloves 902   !!
white linen hauberk with embroidered bands on the edges 2,706   !!
On the wooden rack
Item Price Done
wooden bola with carved gardenia weights 9,020   
bodice dagger with a trumpet flower shaped hilt 6,765   
watered-steel katar with a hilt ornamented with enameled red poppies 90,200   
gloomwood nightstick carved with tiny belladonna flowers 90,200   
war hammer decorated with carved strawberry vines and flowers 18,040   
On the canvas-covered mannequin
Item Price Done
white enameled plate gauntlets 4,510   
white enameled plate aventail 4,510   
white enameled great helm 18,040   
white enameled field plate armor 45,100   
white war hammer 9,020   
polished greatsword with a white hilt 18,040   
steel misericorde with a flower-shaped hilt 27,060