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Ealuik Kolberoc
Status: Dead
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Type: Children of Kalestraum

Scion Ealuik Kolberoc is a high-ranking member of the Children of Kalestraum and third Scion in command behind Everelles and Xailes. Past and present Votaries include Edantu, Tressoth, and Olandern. Captured Edenlaen with help of Jomay and Grishnok.

Ealuik is a clever and occasionally unbalanced elderly man that has a reputation as being one of the Children most open to dialogue and least inclined to violence unless provoked. Presented three Moon Mages with Sever Thread scrolls when the spell was released.

Ealuik is the last known person to possess a disk from the obelisk involved in the origins of the Nimbuses.


You find yourself gazing out over a forest, your arms draped casually on the balcony rail. Next to you is an elderly human with long snowy hair that frames a sleepless face.

He argues passionately with an unseen opponent, his words muddled but his intent and frustration clear. Apparently, he is losing the argument as he flinches slightly before lashing the air with sickly purple energy. An unearthly howl breaks the silence in response, ramping in intensity as the arcane forces dance through the air.

He topples over the rail.

  • Ealuik's fate has been torn asunder.

It has been 413 years, 161 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer. (Aug 01, 11:53 PM EST)


You see Scion Ealuik Kolberoc, a Human.
He has thick-lashed grey eyes. His white hair is long and fine, and is worn loose. He has pale skin.
He is venerable for a Human.

He is holding a gnarled ironwood staff topped with a heavy pewter shrew in his right hand.
He is wearing some voluminous robes, some simple leather boots and a heavy linen satchel.