Darker Shade of Night (2)

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Darker Shade of Night (2)
Event Guildfest 431
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Thief shops, Clothing shops
Restrictions Thief
This store only accepts Lirums


[A Darker Shade of Night]
A tall ebony wardrobe sits in this small hollow across from some pillars draped in a dark, silky material. Faceted crystal sconces hold dimly glowing candles that give enough steady shine so that one can comfortably view the merchandise. All of the lights have been positioned on one side of the room, casting the opposite corner in shadow.
You also see an ebony table with several things on it, some pillars draped in dark, silky material and a shadowed alcove.
Obvious exits: none.

In the ebony wardrobe
Item Price Done
fiery red robes clasped with a silver brooch 2,000   No
military-style black tunic with silver-spangled epaulettes 51,000   No
billowy Katamba-black cloak embroidered with the Moon Mage crest 75,000   No
opulent traveler's robes lined with luxurious fur 100,000   No
rugged steelsilk warrior's tunic 150,000   No
mottled green cloak clasped with a platinum mountain lion 32,500   No
ivory healer's tunic edged in emerald green braiding 35,000   No
brown monk's robe 25,000   No
bardic blue minstrel's cloak clasped with a golden lute 65,000   No
On the ebony table
Item Price Done
small black book embossed with a skull and crossbones - thigh worn 38,500   
midnight black arm pouch dangling an emerald leaf - arm worn 47,500   No
squishy moon-shaped pouch - belt worn 51,000   No
embossed leather arm pouch with suede ties - arm worn 37,500   No
sparkling black crystal bottle - belt worn 43,000   No
pale blue devotional pouch edged in silver braiding - thigh worn 45,000   No


[A Darker Shade of Night, Shadows]
Only the faintest candlelight filters through the hollow to this darkened corner. Leaning at an angle against the wall, a broad ebony wardrobe houses several items for sale. Iridescent chalk on the floor has been smudged by foot traffic but still adds an underlying glimmer to the shadows.
You also see the main floor.
Obvious exits: none.

In the ebony wardrobe
Item Price Done
dashing spidersilk locksmith's tunic belted with a thick sash 120,000   No
ill-fitting commoner's tunic 25,000   No
wine-stained vagabond's tunic 21,000   No
lice-infested peasant's robes 18,000   
tattered beggar's cloak riddled with holes 14,000   
worn-out tunic mottled with grimy stains 14,000   No
striking indigo locksmith's cloak lined with nightsilk 60,000   No
shabby cloak clasped with an iron shrike 20,000   No
moth-eaten beggar's robe 13,500