Crossing Sewer

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Caution.png Note that the following article is not necessarily accurate as it is a chronicling of data on player-owned locations. Because this is census data concerning player-owned establishments, housing or locations, the data on this page may be out of date or may be have been edited for privacy. These pages should not include any player information on non-publicly accessible locations or information considered game-secrets.

Crossing Sewer
Location: Crossing, Zoluren (RanikMap1)
Class / Type: Lower / Urban
Restrictions: None
Justice: None
Form: Door
Homes (Free): 9 (0)
Last Checked: 30 Jan 2017

In any urban environment there invariably exists a substrata that enterprising locals seek to claim housing in. While refuse tends to accumulate, there is ample air flow through the gratings above. A nice walk through this neighborhood will work the swimming ability of the little ones, though the depth of the ambient liquid is hardly a cause for concern. The composition thereof, however, is.


Location Category Restrictions Owner Plat Owner Appearance
Sewer - E Lower Class, Urban Serrathon pitted black wooden door
Sewer - 1 Lower Class, Urban Sydnee cross-braced and reinforced plank door carved with tendrils of climbing nightshade in sunken-relief
Sewer - 2 Lower Class, Urban Diamosis pitted black wooden door
Sewer - 3 Lower Class, Urban Chugaivi small wooden door affixed with a boldly lettered "KEEP OUT" sign
Sewer - 4 Lower Class, Urban claimed, but not entered shabby green yew door
Sewer - 5 Lower Class, Urban Skelan shabby green birch door
Sewer - 5 Lower Class, Urban Dabbs rusty black iron door marred at the bottom by large claw marks
Sewer - 6 Lower Class, Urban Esster mottled pink wooden door
Sewer - 6 Lower Class, Urban Stavi narrow elm door