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Come on now, if you thought you'd get a detailed hint as to where Corveson is, you're sorely mistaken. Here's a hint, though: Where do mages hang out when they're not hunting?


Corveson is a Warrior Mage, dedicated to the persuit of combining magic and weapon to form a more complete vision of the warrior side of his guild. He studied magic under Gauthus for the first few years of his life as a War Mage, but deviated when he became infatuated by martial arts.


Corveson cuts a dashing, athletic figure. He is young for a human, with close-cropped black hair and a hooked nose. Deep, brooding eyes peer intently out from a chiseled face, and a calloused hand holds a nicked longsword in a relaxed grip. He wears a plain white robe loosely over a battle-scarred mail shirt, and appears alert to his surroundings.