Cleric Guildhall (Riverhaven)

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This Cleric Guildhall is found just inside the north gate of Riverhaven. The Guildleader for this location is Jelna.

Main Entrance

[Clerics' Guild, Main Entrance]
A silent, masked figure stands before the tall arched doorway leading onto the street, a naked sword resting across his folded arms. A spotless red tile floor stretches between clean white walls under a tall beamed ceiling. Robed figures glide quietly by, engrossed in their private errands.
You also see a charity chest, a narrow stair to the second floor and the door leading to the guildmaster's office.
Obvious exits: out.

Guildmaster's Office (door)

[Clerics' Guild, Guildmaster's Office]
The guildmaster's office is plain and austere, lit only by a single brass lantern resting atop a small neat desk. A narrow cot, table, and a narrow footlocker beneath the bed complete the furnishings. The walls and floor are simple stone, with a small prayer rug resting against one wall before a glittering silver icon.
You also see an ironwood stand with a thick leather tome on it and the cleric leader Jelna.
Obvious exits: out.

Hallway (stair)

[Clerics' Guild, Hallway]
The hallway runs along the center of the building, flanked by simple wooden doors leading to the cells where the guild's acolytes live. Most of the doors are closed, but one stands open with a smiling robed monk waiting just inside.
You also see a stair leading down to the first floor.
Obvious exits: none.

Meditation Room (door)

[Clerics' Guild, Meditation Room]
This tiny cell is utterly devoid of all ornament. A bright fire burns in a simple stone pit in the center of the room, strangely smokeless. The flickering light casts surreal shadows on the smooth white walls. A smiling monk in a simple brown robe glances quietly at you from his position near the door.
Obvious exits: out.