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Sometimes known as the "Silent", the Forest Elves are perhaps some of the most numerous and least industrious of the Folk. It is hard to tell the true number of all the Forest Elves, but it is figured that they number well into the thousands of thousands. Since they fade so easily into the backdrop of the sylvan they live in, keeping a head count is obviously difficult. Sturdy and tall, Forest Elves invariably dress in browns and greens and tans, and are rarely seen outside a forest. Ancient Leth Deriel was partially created by them that they might have a home during peacetimes and a fortress during wartime. The Forest Elves are the natural "offshoot" of the Two, since those founding parents greatly preferred the woods to the city. Their leaders have varied over the years due to their involvements with various skirmishes and wars, and they were heavily involved with the War of Tears." - The Elven Folk by Matron Selidhn, an Elf

Leader: Fiandehn, great-grandson of the Two's first son, Avaric

Personal Notes: Skin tone tends to be dark brown or black, or very pale. Pale Forest Elves most often have reddish colored hair - auburns, amber, and lighter browns; whereas dark skinned have either very light blonde or white, or dark brown or black. Their body types tend to be on the muscular side.

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