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4 February 2024

3 February 2024

  • curprev 15:5115:51, 3 February 2024GITAN312 talk contribs 43,930 bytes +43,930 Created page with "{{Log |date=2024-02-02 |gamedate=448-02-10 |eventname=An Informal Follow-Up Discussion of Zoluren Defense |event_instance=DR |pov=Allye |log= [General][Dasheek] "A few of us are discussing Zoluren defense at the bar at Taelbert's Inn, should anyone be interested in some conversation over a few drinks. Will be here for a bit." You go west. [Taelbert's Inn, Bar]<br /> Bursts of laughter and excited shouts ring out from a game of dice being played at a corner..."