Zhoryhh's Tent

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Zhoryhh's Tent
Event Rarely available
Owner Zhoryhh
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Jewelry shops, Clothing shops, Alchemy shops, Weapon shops, S'Kra Mur shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Zhoryhh's Tent, Fine Clothing and Jewelry]
The tent's interior is of bright golden cloth, as is the carpeted floor upon which rest several plush cushions of pale blues and pinks. Near the tent's entrance, a curtained doorway, stands a moderately sized jewelry rack covered in extravagant bracelets. On the other side of the entrance from the rack rests its twin, a display case carrying tailbands. The bright lamps illuminate a cloud of perfume and incense hanging in the air.
You also see a clothing sign, a jewelry sign, and a row of mannequins with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest.

A clothing sign reads:
I carry wares to clothe a S'Kra Mur in the traditional and time-honored fashion of loose flowing
clothing with a great deal of jewelry.  I do not condone the more rebellious forms of dressing
preferred by many of the young and my wares will reflect this.  All my robes are made from the
finest Rathan and Velakan silk available, and each garment is authenticated with the customary
artist's mark in red braid.
A jewelry sign reads:
Ru'at bracelets are given in close and esteemed friendship to the S'Kra Mur's ru'ati.  Mehath
bracelets are worn in remembrance of a dead S'Kra Mur ru'ati.  Ama'hhrsk bracelets are given as
a sign of love to a spouse during anniversaries.
On the jewelry rack
Item Price Done
gold mehath bracelet inlaid with sapphire 50,000   !!
silver mehath bracelet inlaid with jade 75,000   !!
gold ru'at bracelet inlaid with topaz 45,000   !!
onyx ama'hhrsk bracelet inlaid with amber 75,000   !!
onyx ru'at bracelet inlaid with amethyst 45,000   !!
gold ama'hhrsk bracelet inlaid with emerald 75,000   !!
platinum ama'hhrsk bracelet inlaid with pearl 722,290   !!
onyx mehath bracelet inlaid with sunstone 75,000   !!
silver ru'at bracelet inlaid with onyx 5,290   !!
silver ama'hhrsk bracelet inlaid with chrysoprase 7,380   !!
platinum mehath bracelet inlaid with moonstone 720,882   !!
platinum ru'at bracelet inlaid with diamond 427,500   !!
On the display case
Item Price Done
onyx tailband inlaid with golden suns 45,000   !!
silver tailband inlaid with obsidian moons 5,000   !!
ivory tailband inlaid with ruby moons 15,000   !!
jade tailband inlaid with lapis lazuli moons 6,750   !!
platinum tailband engraved with lettering 540,000   !!
On the row of mannequins
Item Price Done
loose robe embroidered with the seal of Ratha on one shoulder 41,010   !!
flowing silk robe embroidered with daggers along the cuff and hem 41,010   !!
flowing silk robe embroidered with sinuous serpents along the cuff and hem 41,010   !!
languorous robe embroidered with the seal of Sraan Mhhg on one shoulder 41,010   !!
fluid robe embroidered with the seal of Muspar'i on one shoulder 41,010   !!

[Zhoryhh's Tent, Alchemy Supplies]
Swaying gently from several poles along the tent's ceiling are softly burning lamps, serving to bring light to this portion of the tent and the prominent supply table here. The smells of incense and a sickly sweet perfume block the nostrils of any who walk this gold cloth hall.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast.

On the supply table
Item Price Done
red-dyed mortar with a coiled cobra painted on the inside 4,163   
gold-dyed mortar with a slithering king snake painted on the inside 4,163   
small leather herb pouch embroidered with the crest of Sraan Mhhg 1,500   !!
small herb pouch painted with tribal markings 1,500   !!
stone pestle painted with a depiction of a Black Molloky'i 13,500   
blue-dyed mortar with a striking viper painted on the inside 4,163   

[Zhoryhh's Tent, A Taste of Ratha]
The tent walls are formed of a luxurious gold silk, though several pieces of dark blue cloth hang along the walls as decorations. A light blue table rests in one corner of the tent with a bright lamp gilded in gold and platinum swaying from the tent pole above it. You also see a medallion sign.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest.

A medallion sign reads:
The uen medallions are nearly perfect replicas of the official medallions worn by Ratha's
Council of Advisors, down to the slightest details.  If you turn the medallion over, you will
find etched into its surface the initials of the artisan shop that created these replicas.

On the blue table
Item Price Done
acid-etched jeweled longsword 50,000   
imitation uen medallion 2,000   !!

[Zhoryhh's Tent, Desert Treasures]
The interior of the tent here is a striking violet, sharply contrasting with the golden silk in the other areas. A large gilded chair, practically a throne, sits beside a marble pedestal. Surrounded by the area's lamps and their light, the pedestal is clearly the focus of the room. On the other side of the tent stands a display table that is covered by a thick layer of sand. You also see an egg sign.
Obvious exits: southwest, northwest.

An egg sign reads:
These Wish Eggs from Muspar'i are each acid-etched and then painted with a S'Kra symbol. They
are believed by the residents to bring good fortune if displayed in one's home.  Each egg is
associated with a particular fortune: long life, wealth, strong ru'at, powerful children,
political power, combat prowess, great artistry.  There are many other wish eggs, but I cannot
bring all types from Muspar'i.
A placard reads:
The oasis symbolizes long life, the row of small eggs symbolizes many children, the red cobra
symbolizes a strong ru'at, the yeehar symbolizes great artistry, the diamonds symbolize great
wealth, the dead molloky'i symbolizes combat prowess, and the sunburst symbolizes political
On the marble pedestal
Item Price Done
silver q'zhalata dagger 150,000   !!!!
ceremonial q'zhalata sheath 70,000   !!
On the display table
Item Price Done
stone egg painted in azure and orange with an oasis scene 100,000   !!
stone egg painted with a row of smaller eggs 100,000   !!
stone egg painted with the image of a red cobra 100,000   !!
stone egg painted with the image of a rearing yeehar 100,000   !!
stone egg painted with a row of diamonds 100,000   !!
stone egg painted with a slain molloky'i 100,000   !!
stone egg painted with a radiant sunburst pattern 100,000   !!

This is a very old merchant and was only around once that I am aware of.