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Zachryvak Roxulaec
Race Kaldar
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime


You see Protector Zachryvak Roxulaec, a Kaldar. He has an angular face, grey eyes and a hooked nose. His black hair is long and thick, and is worn loose. He has pale skin and a wiry build. He is tall for a Kaldar. He has a thick bushy mustache that droops heavily on his upper lip and a long shaggy beard.

He is holding a burning telgi cigar in his left hand. He is wearing a rich sable coat, a long-sleeved white linen shirt with brass buttons, a white cravat, a pair of gold cufflinks set with carved topaz, some pure white gloves, a wide tooled-leather belt with a burnished silver raven's head buckle, some somber black pants, some wool socks and some boots.


Following a rocky start, the Roxulaec family entered a trade enterprise in 365 AV that would see a generation of the family claw their way up to Illithi's middle class. The trip was difficult for the Kaldar, whose love of duty and purpose over self-interest made advancing in the secular world a new and unfamiliar challenge. Still, despite their earthly success, they never lost their reverence for the old ways, and Zachryvak's father Revuan became the first Roxulaec to enter an adventuring guild, becoming a cleric in order to spread word of Lanival's divinity. Most of the family converted at this time to the worship of The Thirteeen.

Zachryvak began his apprenticeship under a representative of the Warrior Mage Guild in the spring of 390 AV. Despite the egregious cost, it was clear the boy had talent, and without the proper tutoring, would have either squandered his gift or gotten into trouble. After only four years, he was granted leave to sign on with the guild as an initiate. "The boy," his tutor wrote, "...[has] intelligence and a spark of wit that burns like the light in Arhat's eyes. He lives wholly in his work, and takes to long hours of study with more alacrity than an Elothean, if less finesse."

Thus indoctrinated, Zachryvak spent the next few years studying more casual pursuits, specifically history and religion. At the behest of his father, he converted to worsihp of The Thirteen and began devouring ancient literature, looking for anything that would lend credence to the Kaldar belief in Lanival as Xin'Aludias. Then--tragedy. The prince of Zoluren was killed by the Lich Lyras and Meraud himself was wounded. Young, devout, and eager to serve, Zachryvak found himself swept up in the maelstrom that followed, vowing to defend the lands however he could.

Current Activities

Zachryvak has been seen working as a liaison for The Inquisition in both Therengia and Illithi. He has confirmed and killed dozens of necromancers, and believes their presence is a test from The Thirteen, who want to see whether their followers deserve their blessings. The apocalypse threatened by Lyras is very real, but not something that is outside divine control. These are the end times, and all will perish in a whirlwind of undeath and otherworldly horror if Kermoria fails to unite under the banner of holy justice and burn away all signs of corruption. Whether the lands live, or suffer the same fate as Odcuru is not a question of armies or tactics.

The question is one of faith.