Yarsneg's Yurt (2)

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Yarsneg's Yurt (2)
Festival Theren Festival 1
Owner Yarsneg
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Yarsneg's Yurt]
A ragtag array of various pelts, skins, and cloths are held up by a network of tough gnarled limbs and oiled leather cording. The odor of rotting leather stirs faintly in the yurt. The ground is covered with layers of woven mats, carpets, and thick furs. Sundry wood bits are scattered about in various stages of carving. A small stack of rare and precious woods is tucked away in the back of the yurt. You also see a suede-covered tray with some stuff on it, a large case with some stuff on it, a weapons table with some stuff on it, a rack, the yurt opening, a long shelf and a low counter with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the large case
Item Price Done
platinum and sapphire amulet fashioned to resemble an eye 32,533   !!
gold pin in the shape of crossed flutes 8,400   !!
tarnished silver ring 432   
small leather pouch decorated with bear claws and viper fangs 480   No
On the weapons table
Item Price Done
fist-sized stone 1,390   No
purpleheart longbow backed with sinew 10,000   !!
gnarled and knotted hickory short bow 9,500   No
On the low counter
Item Price Done
tortoise-shell inlaid mandolin ?   
mahogany and rosewood lyre engraved with knotwork ?   No
On the suede-covered tray
Item Price Done
gnarled and pitted briar pipe 700   No
long-stemmed ivory pipe carved in the shape of a winged serpent 3,920   No
heavy pipe carved from red stone 1,200   
ivory pipe engraved with howling wolves 3,360   No
polished pipe of dark cherry wood 900   No
ivory pipe engraved with a stag and three owls 3,360   No
ivory pipe carved in the shape of a bearded mage's head 3,920   No
ivory pipe engraved with malicious-looking gremlins 3,360   No