Wyrmtongue's Wares

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Wyrmtongue's Wares
Event Shard Liberation Festival
Owner Wyrmtongue
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Jewelry shops, Clothing shops, Housing shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Wyrmtongue's Wares]
Carved obsidian cases and tables have been methodically placed to maximize shopping space, allowing for a better view of the displayed wares. Large ironwood racks encircle the main shopping area, merchandise illuminated by thin planes of cerulean gaethzen placed on their shelves. Sparse rays of moonlight seep though the tent's flap, momentarily pushing back the unforgiving darkness within the tent. You also see an azure glass-topped pedestal with a sinuous gold hip-chain dangling hundreds of tiny dragon's blood crystals on it.
Obvious exits: north, east, west.

On the obsidian case
Item Price Done
barbaric adderwood circlet deeply inset with dragonfire amber whorls 43,296   
dark adderwood tailband edged with sanguine dragon's blood crystal 37,884   No
twisting adderwood tailband inset with dragonfire amber markings 37,884   
severely pointed dragonwood torque inset with dragonfire amber slashes 35,178   !!
single drop of dragon's blood crystal suspended from a slender animite pendant 1,731,840   !!
smooth dragonwood ring wound with a thin strand of dragonfire amber 10,824   
On the obsidian table
Item Price Done
voluminous dark hooded cloak with smooth dragonwood pauldrons 81,180   !!
deep crimson hooded cloak with sculpted dragonwood pauldrons 58,630   
midnight purple hooded cloak with massive dragonwood pauldrons 81,180   !!
long royal blue hooded cloak with carved dragonwood pauldrons 85,690   !!
hooded black silk cloak with layered dragonwood pauldrons 81,180   !!
On the ironwood rack
Item Price Done
platinum wedding ring set with smooth dragonfire amber 346,368   
gold wedding ring set with a square-cut dragon's blood crystal 40,048   
dragonfire amber engagement ring with a delicate platinum inlay 108,240   
dragon's blood crystal engagement ring with a smooth gold inlay 19,483   
regal dragonfire amber wedding band inset with azure diamonds 51,414   
ornate dragon's blood crystal wedding band set with smooth obsidian stones 18,942   
On the slender pedestal
Item Price Done
sinuous gold hip-chain dangling hundreds of tiny dragon's blood crystals 134,244   !!

[Wyrmtongue's Wares]
Numerous dark iron cones have been suspended from the ironwood ceiling beams, focusing the light from several gaethzen spheres to the shopping floor below. A large selection of furnishings has been meticulously arranged about this area of the tent, each piece encircled within halos of pale cobalt light. A darkly clad clerk meanders between the various wares on display, keeping a close watch on the gathered clientele.
Obvious exits: east.

Item Price Done
a dragonwood weapon rack 215,000   No
a dragonwood armor stand 215,000   No
a lacquered dragonwood desk 175,000   No
a carved dragonwood worktable 125,000   No
a polished dragonwood wall 300,000   No
a four-poster dragonwood bed 155,400   No
a black dragonwood nightstand 145,000   No
an oblong dragonwood table 185,000   No

[Wyrmtongue's Wares]
Thick black curtains are hung across the nightsilk walls and ceiling, shrouding the room in a cloak of darkness. Several rows of azure glass cases display a carefully arranged assortment of wares, their surfaces illuminated by small gaethzen dragons placed within. A few clerks dressed in black hooded robes stand still as death in the corners of the tent, quietly waiting to assist any customer in need.
Obvious exits: south.

On the glass case
Item Price Done
acid-etched nimsha with a carved dragon's blood crystal pommel 135,300   
On the glass case
Item Price Done
green leather-wrapped dragonwood scabbard with hammered copper fittings 27,060   !!
On the glass case
Item Price Done
bejeweled wyvern-headed mace with a dragonwood haft 72,160   !!!!
silver throwing dagger with a dragonwood handgrip 54,120   
jagged-edged broadsword with a dragon's blood crystal pommel 69,454   !!!!
jagged-edged bastard sword with a smooth dragonfire amber pommel 451,000   !!!!
serrated-edged scimitar with a dragonwood hilt 67,650   
On the glass case
Item Price Done
black dragonwood longbow with a leather-wrapped grip 45,100   !!!!
reinforced crossbow with a carved dragonwood stock 54,120   
polished dragonwood short bow branded with tribal symbols 30,740   !!
severely curved dragonwood composite bow with a pard hide grip 54,120   !!
black leather thigh quiver banded with thick dragonwood strips 10,824   
heavy dragonwood crossbow with a platinum boltplate 360,800   
dragonwood composite bow carved to appear like two intertwined serpents 54,120   !!
On the azure glass case
Item Price Done
blued-steel sabre with a carved dragonfire amber pommel 142,380   
On the azure glass case
Item Price Done
intricately carved dragonwood arrow 67,650   !!!!
A gold-edged sign reads:This arrow has been carefully crafted for the intended purpose of decorating your home, although if the fancy grabs you could can use it in a dire combat situation. If you choose to do so, -DO NOT- bring your complaints to me when you break or lose your bejeweled arrow while attempting relieve some pitiful creature of its coins in order to buy my wares. --Master Artisan Vashlar Wyrmtongue--