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Used to dry a wet instrument with a cloth, such as a chamois cloth.

Instruments may become wet if you're holding or wearing them while swimming or while outside when it rains or snows.

You need to dry your instrument before you can use it again and to help prevent damage to the instrument.


  1. wipe <instrument> with <cloth> - to wipe the water off
  2. wring <cloth> - to wring out the water from your cloth
> wipe zill with cloth
Using your cloth, you scrub at your thin-edged zills in attempt to wipe the water from them.  Your cloth soaks up the water easily, but remains noticably damp afterwards.
[Roundtime: 16 seconds.]

> look cloth
The chamois cloth is very damp.

> wring cloth
You wring out a wet chamois cloth, water dribbling down your hands to splash at your feet.

> wring cloth
You wring out a damp chamois cloth, squeezing out the last bit of water.

> wring cloth
You wring a dry chamois cloth into a twisted rope, then shake it out again.

> look cloth
The chamois cloth is as dry as a bone!

> clean zill with cloth
Using your cloth you try to clean some polished thin-edged zills.  All goes well until you run into a few stubborn spots that you just can't seem to touch.
[Roundtime: 15 seconds.]

Wet Instrument Messaging

  • Freezing water drips from your thin-edged zills.


If you wear your instrument while swimming then it will get wet.

Your thin-edged zills are thoroughly soaked by the water they rest in.