Wicked Windows (1)

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Wicked Windows
Event Hollow Eve Festival 392
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Wicked Windows]
Thirteen stained-glass windows are displayed in frames around the dim room, with lamps set behind them to show their sullen colors to best advantage. The subjects of the windows lend an air of apprehension -- almost of foreboding -- to the shop. A prominent sign hangs on one wall. You also see a door.

A prominent sign reads:

              ----- HOMEOWNERS -----
To view the windows, just LOOK (GOD's NAME) WINDOW.
Our windows honor Zachriedek, Asketi, Kerenhappuch,
   Dergati, Trothfang, Huldah, Ushnish, Drogor,
    Be'ort, Harawep, Idon, Botolf and Aldauth.
    We provide free delivery and installation
     of any window purchased from this shop.
Item Price Done
1. a stained glass Zachriedek window 150,000   
2. a stained glass Asketi window 150,000   
3. a stained glass Kerenhappuch window 150,000   !!
4. a stained glass Dergati window 150,000   
5. a stained glass Trothfang window 150,000   !!
6. a stained glass Huldah window 150,000   !!
7. a stained glass Ushnish window 150,000   !!
8. a stained glass Drogor window 150,000   !!
9. a stained glass Be'ort window 150,000   !!
10. a stained glass Harawep window 150,000   
11. a stained glass Idon window 150,000   !!
12. a stained glass Botolf window 150,000   !!
13. a stained glass Aldauth window 150,000   !!