Weelegend's Wagon

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Weelegend's Wagon
Festival Theren Festival 2
Owner Weelegend
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Cambrinth shops, Toy shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Weelegend's Wagon]
Flowering plants and herbs line the windowsill, lightly scenting the air with their fragrances. Several worn pieces of overstuffed furniture sit in the corner, providing a comfortable place to lounge. Odds and ends and a variety of novelty items are strewn about the freestanding white pine shelves that run the perimeter of the room.
You also see a toy case, a white pine wardrobe, a cloak rack with some stuff on it, a small weather-beaten chest, and an exit door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the pine shelves
Item Price Done
white wicker foraging basket 200   No
elegant silverwillow foraging basket 500   No
polished goldbark foraging basket 800   No
braided bamboo foraging basket 600   No
delicate copperleaf foraging basket 700   
woven eucalyptus foraging basket 500   No
knotted lacewood foraging basket 700   
wide flamewood foraging basket 800   
exquisite bloodwood foraging basket 1,000   
In the toy case
Item Price Done
annoyed victim doll 500   
ugly monster doll 100   No
In the pine wardrobe
Item Price Done
white linen robe faintly embroidered with assorted herbs 5,000   No
dark green silk robe cinched with a platinum-hued cord 80,000   No
black muslin robe faintly embroidered with assorted herbs 5,000   No
deep crimson silk robe cinched with a golden cord 50,000   No
On the cloak rack
Item Price Done
cashmere cloak fastened with an intricately carved ivory clasp 15,000   No
dark wool cloak clasped with a gold jadice flower 10,000   No
fine-spun gossamer cloak appliqued with delicate silk glaysker flowers 30,000   No
leather cloak shadow-tooled with garlands of healing herbs 12,000   
In the weather-beaten chest
Item Price Done
gnarled cambrinth cebi root 25,000   
cambrinth plovik leaf 25,000   No
cambrinth jadice flower 25,000   No
cambrinth glaysker flower 25,000   No
cluster of cambrinth blocil berries 25,000   No