Weapon:Wickedly spiked morning-star with a wrapped steelsilk handle

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wickedly spiked morning-star with a wrapped steelsilk handle
Look: Lustrous maple is masterfully carved with the visage of twin adders that intertwine and spiral along the length of the shaft, culminating in both heads securing the large round end within their gaping jaws. Jagged spikes, crafted in the shape of lightning bolts, protrude around the circumference of the tip, completing the imposing piece.
Type: Heavy Blunt
Range: melee
Puncture: somewhat fair (4/28)
Slice: no (0/28)
Impact: very great (12/28)
Fire: no (0/28)
Cold: no (0/28)
Electric: no (0/28)
Force of Impact: decently (6/17)
Balance: dismally (2/17)
Suitedness: reasonably (7/17)
Construction: marginally vulnerable (8/18)
Metal: Yes
Weight: 50 stones
Appraised Cost: 204,437 Kronars
163,549.6 Lirums
147,521.739 Dokoras
204.437 LTBpoints
204.437 Tickets
204.437 Scrips
Dimensions: 9 length x 2 width x 2 height
Sources: Source is Dark Defenders (1)