Weapon:Short-hafted halberd (crafted)

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A short-hafted halberd is a pole-range Polearms metal weaponsmithing template.

It is a 11- Very Difficult template, uses 9 volumes of metal, and is covered by the Expert Polearm Weapon Design technique.

It is ? by ? by ? spans.

This metal weapon has the standard construction values for its type.


Used unweighted tempered low carbon steel for reference.

Hard Dur Mod Pierce Slice Impact FOI Balance Suit Construction WT
80 80  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?


T=Tempered, B=Balanced, H=Honed
La=laminated, CB=Cable-backed, Li=Lightening
Red text means that some of the listed information
is either unconfirmed or otherwise unreliable.

Black underlined text means that it is the first
weight in which that value is reached.

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